Design Spotlight: Kitchen Warfare

Man if the tank was in the olive I’d get it.

I love this design but I am going to say what I usually do… PLEASE START PRINTING ON TECHNICAL FABRICS! I would love to use this design for a team obstcle course race but we have pretty much sworn off cotton for our runs.

I’m the opposite…do a black t-shirt version!!! After all the sales of it, you’ll thank me for my marketing prowess.

My husband (vegetarian chef) has this shirt and loves it! He gets the weirdest looks, forcing people to look more closely at the design, leading to the inevitable “Ah ha!” moment. He’s now insisting I get him the apron and hoodie. Thanks a lot Woot… :wink:

Don’t wear this shirt: To school.

Seriously. Too many kids from Kindergarten through high school are getting in trouble for even having a picture that resembles a gun or talking about super soakers during school hours.

Great design though, I love it.

I LOVE this design. Got it when it first came out, got it for Mom, got aprons as gifts.

Mom has since ordered items as gifts for her other friends.

Amazing design. My alltime fave Woot T-shirt.


If I had kids I’d so raise their allowance if they wore this to school…

I wear this through airports just to watch all of the “Ah ha!” moments from other travelers and security.

I haven’t been hassled yet!

I look forward to my eventual groping, I deserve it for wearing such an amazing shirt.