Design Spotlight: Nevermore

Hooray, a readable Nevermore! :slight_smile:

Blarg, not this design again.

Yep that’s what I thought, too! I think I will get this one, since my dark grey-on-dark-grey one looks like just plain dark grey. Sort of a secret message shirt, you know.

Ah Nevermore, the true reigning champion of “longest survivor” title.

I got the slate Nevermore shirt last time there was this sort of spotlight sale. It’s a HUGE improvement. I love that shirt.

My poor Nevermore shirt gets less readable every wash :confused:

Jesus, why won’t that raven just DIE? Nevermore, of course!

Never understood the draw to this shirt, certainly not why it stayed in the top 20 for soooo long. For the love of god, put it in the vault and let people who want it dig it out amongst the “every shirt ever” area.

I bought the original offering (lt gray shirt) for a friend who is a Poe fan and he loves it!! It is a classic shirt and one of my favorites. Poe has never gone out of style, why should this shirt?!?!?

“This is the song that never ends!”

I feel like this has been in the design spotlight before. You know, there’s over 2,000 other shirts available on the site - maybe take a stab at a few of the unsung heroes on the site.

That being said, I’ll probably buy the readable version.

Q: Could there ever be too many Nevermore remixes?

A: Nevermore!