Design Spotlight: Some Motivation Required

Oooh, the cool shark and bear!

I hate you Woot!!! I love this shirt!

I have no money to spend right now!!!





Alas no money :frowning:

Woot, get out of my brain! I wore the original yesterday and was thinking that it should be featured again.

Is this $30 full zip a heavier sweatshirt fabric hoodie? And the $23 full zip jersey hoodie the t-shirt fabric?

Any chance this will ever be offered as a tech shirt? I would love to be able to wear it on my runs!

Couldn’t you do this in a colored hoodie??? Puhhhhhlleese? I have 2 hoodies from Woot both are black. How many black hoodies does one person need? Don’t answer that!

Hmmmm, I honestly don’t think we’ve bothered to look into sourcing tech shirts yet, but it’s not a bad idea!

Yep yep, exactly right.

Notgonnahappen per @Flipit.

On the topic of sourcing, can you poke Joel? …

Without question, this is the one design that has gotten me the most envious comments from complete strangers. I was lucky enough to snag the jersey pullover hoodie a while back and am going to stock up. I have been waiting for this sale for a long time. On a side note…I would love to see two things from shirt.woot. 1. 3/4 length raglans 2. TALL sizes

Any chance of Woot ever making the gym bag duffel again? Mine was stolen at the gym and I would buy 2x as replacements because it was the most awesome gym bag ever.

Okay - broke down and used my crate coupon code.


Love this design!

Couldn’t resist. Something about dinosaurs and running from them…really takes me back to when life was simpler.

LOL…i love the remixes. i might have to get one…or both.

Well boo. :frowning:

Although, this might be a decent design to test it out…