Design Spotlight: Suburban Blitzkrieg

Way to be that guy, Tgentry! I mean, what, is woot not paying you enough? Now you have to supplement your income with a side sale too? :wink:

Totally kidding, I love this design and it’s definitely a great summer design. Love the Orange and Navy remixes!

Actually, not sure I even like the Orange one that much, but with it being AA and only $10, I can’t pass it up. See that reasoning? Haha, that’s the trick to bringing shirt.woot back to it’s glory days! (Now quit charging tax, too!)

Des Moines banned ice cream trucks, year ago (long story), so maybe this is the answer.

If there were 11 pops, it would be quite fitting for the USMNT Away games at the World Cup.

Love this shirt. I wore it Saturday and got a compliment on it from a woman at the grocery store. She asked if it was from Oaklandish, so I replied, “nope, woot!”

Love this design. have 3 of these shirts. Would order a hoodie, but I’m not fond of having the design on the back. would order if it was on the front… even if the zipper bisected the design. maybe part the trucks a little so it fits on the front.

One of my favorite designs, I have the original flavor. Considering giving up some of my paycheck for the navy tee or hoodie…