Design Spotlight: Visit Outside

Glad to see this one offered with several different options.

And the Tanks are AA. I may have to snag a grey tank.

NO, Woot!, NO! I was so excited to see this theme listed in the shirt.woot section (since I was so appalled that SUCH a great shirt with SUCH a great message was printed on ASPHALT originally)…and I got all worked up thinking that you listened to our whining and moaning and had provided this shirt in more brilliant, Outside-y colors.
“Asphalt”, “black” or “wishy-washy minty green” (POLY-blend, too).
A crying shame, woot! A crying shame.
So wanted one in a happy color. I’ll give you a hint for next time: ROYAL BLUE.
(And that goes for the bag, too).

I have to agree, I would have enjoyed it more on outsidey colors.

However, I am VERY excited to see this design on a tote. The second I saw it, I wanted it as a tote.

But the only other tote I’ve purchased (The "Visit the other side, our grass is always greener) one, the text “our grass is always greener” was completely illegible. They gave me a refund, which was great, but didn’t answer my question, which was: do small details always get lost in the printing on the tote bags? I don’t want to order another one, only to discover that some of the text is illegible.

I was VERY disappointed in that tote as well! I didn’t think about getting a refund… The line of text on the bottom being essentially “missing”, completely loses the whole point of the design =P Sucks.

We should have gotten everything down- if there does end up being a printing problem, we’re usually more than happy to try again!

Testimonial: I wore my Visit Outside shirt today and actually left the house. It works!

Thanks Boots!

My outdoor color choice would be green jersey zip hoodie so I don’t wear out my Gummistone Park.

I am glad to hear this! Definitely willing to give it another shot, because seriously. Perfect tote.