Design Toscano Garden Variety

Design Toscano YB1826 Grand Cathedral Angel Statue seems to have incorrect measurements. I think these are more accurate: 45½"W x 26"D x81"H. 62 lbs. From Design Toscano website.

Good eye. We should have an update soon. Thanks for posting!

I have a few Design Toscano Gargoyles. I had to stop browsing their site years ago because I couldn’t resist and was buying things with no place to put them. Curse you Woot for making me look at them here. That Grand Cathedral Angel is really calling to me.


Is W00t! partnering with SkyMall now?

I came in thinking: It would be amazing if someone got that in a Baptism of Calvinists and I now hope if that happens, you’re the one.

I half expected to see a weeping angel >.>

Man I wish I had seen this before the weeping…I mean praying angel was sold out.

I’m surprised you were the only one to make this reference.

Design Toscano??? <3

I’m surprised you’d say that withuot reading any further comments >.>

Those monkeys aren’t monkeys. Chimpanzees are apes.

Yale key was not included.

Design Toscano site lists this turkey as $44.95 regular price and is offering 20% off on top of that.

Why do I have to keep double checking the prices and terms on Woot! - your deals continue to be questionable and misleading.