Design Toscano: Little Garden Friends

Dave: They’ve got gnomes.
Gaz: Aye, they bloody would have.

You know you would need four gargoyles, one to face each direction from your roof. Three just won’t cut it Woot. You are leaving one side unprotected there.

The large angel is perfect for the Dr Who fan in your life! Don’t blink!

What, no Moai?

I thought I’d mistakenly stumbled off of woot and landed in Skymall.

Awwwwwww. That hurt. :wah:

I have the parrot from over our pool in the tree. Amazingly it keeps the pigeons away, but the regular price is 49.95 so wher do they come up with 78.00. I like it but since it’s outside in Vegas, it faded.

i was hoping there’d be further discount on the perpetually-on-sale dragonfly side table… i’ve wanted that thing for years but can’t justify the cost for a table of which i have absolutely no need.

edit? semantics.

Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench also suitable as a stage prop for Spinal Tap tribute bands.