Designcord Auto Rewind Extension Cord Reels

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Designcord Auto Rewind Extension Cord Reels
Price: $19.99 - 69.99
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Time to learn all about Desingcord

Generally good reviews over at Amazon, with an average of 4 stars.

You can find out more about Designcord by heading to their home page over here.

I’ve actually been waiting for woot to feature an electric cord reel and it seems the wait paid off.

My only problem is that there are two basic types of reels available. There is the type like this one where the reel plugs in at the garage, for example and then the whole reel comes with you to the work. The other type is where the reel is stationed in the garage and only the cord comes with you to the work. This type is much like the air hose reel you have seen featured here before.

Each of these reels has a list of advantages and disadvantages. I have to figure out which of the two is best suited for my needs. Hope it’s this one because the price is unbeatable.

After some searching, seems this is a pretty sweet deal. saving 10+ bucks on any competitor I found. Damn you, w00t! I JUST got extra cash in my pocket :frowning:

It scares me, though, that the majority of recent reviews (4 out of 7 since May) are 1 star.

It scares me for a completely different reason. It reminds me of the auto rewind electric cord on my family’s 1970’s vacuum cleaner. After starting the auto rewind, I used to run away ASAP to avoid getting slapped or stung as the tip retracted in. It was like a snake striking my leg.

I was hoping there was a motor inside to take it up at a reasonable speed, like my hydraulically powered garden hose reel, but it’s spring-based, like the old vacuum cleaner.

I also wished it were a longer, like 100 feet, but I’d hate to see the spring they would have to use for that - the housing would probably explode if the thing failed. The value of these things is proportional to the length of the cord. The 10 foot one offered on Amazon (but not available here) seems like it’s for the truly lazy.

I’ll have to think about this one, due to its length and the Amazon reviews reporting broken springs. Woot is Amazon’s dumping ground, no? I totally expect to find Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges for sale on Woot soon.

Am I to assume that these wouldn’t be suitable for outdoor use? Sure would make powering the Christmas lights easier.

the amazon page for this says indoor/outdoor use.

I was thinking, “perfect to run my electric weed wacker!” until I noticed the plugs are on the reel… I need the opposite of this.

I’ve decided. This type of reel is not for me…

First of all the cord is not long enough. If I’m working with some corded lawn machines, it’s more convenient to use outdoor electrical outlets…which I already have in place all over my property.

Second, and most important. It makes no sense to me to carry the whole reel to my work rather than just the cord. Moreover, outdoor corded equipment do not usually have long cords. Usually, they may be up to 3 feet long and most are much shorter than that. So I would need another extension just to reach the reel, which seems to defeat the purpose of this reel.

What I need is a reel (with at least 75 feet of cord) which remains stationery in one place (such as the garage) and allows you to pull out as much cord as is necessary. When the job is finished, just yank on the cord and the reel retracts it automatically. Of course I realize that this will cost a lot more money but this particular reel falls short of my requirements.

These reels are fantastic if you need stationary power that is a distance away from an outlet.


A picnic table that you may want a tv at, charging equipment for smart devices, a fan, and some lights. Drills and other tools.

They are not great if you need mobile power that is too far from an outlet as noted above.


Powered lawn equipment and the like.

or charging grandchildren’s electric gadgets, etc.

They do make a reel which retracts the cord by a built in motor, which cancels your major phobia. They also make reels which contain 100 ft. of cord. (Can you imagine the weight of 100 feet of 12 gauge line?). I believe that Robo Reel makes them and they are sold at Home Depot, but you don’t want to look at the price!

HD has what you need with 50’ of cord and pretty good reviews for $69.97.

Thanks for the heads up. This is very close to what I’m looking for. Close enough that I should go buy one.

Time will tell, I suppose. I ordered, and they immediately charged my credit card, but it appears they’ve not shipped it and I have NO tracing information.

Hmm. Sorry you haven’t received tracking yet. I’d recommend using your order number to ‘Track by Reference’ on UPS or FedEx’s websites.

If you don’t find any info there, please email with your order details and situation. CS can check into what’s happening.

Where is Woot’s email address if I want to inquire about an order?