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Designcord Auto Rewind Extension Cord Reels
Price: $21.99 - 119.99
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Woot’s prices are so close, after shipping, to Amazon’s now, really, what is the point?

“Remind” Extension Cord Reel?

I thought Woot hired an editor.

And its easier to return items to Amazon.

So it’s a $4 surge protector and $30 worth of cable for $125 because someone is too lazy to wind up 50 measly feet of cable? I didn’t even know it was possible to tangle up such a short amount of cordage.

Your comment freaks me out! I HATE my 50’ extension cord because no matter how carefully I coil it after mowing my lawn, it ends up in a twisted tangled knot from hell every time I use it. Is there a secret or trick to coiling a cord that I’m not getting? Of course this Woot cord wouldn’t work for my purposes but, if it did I would order one right now!

So funny :slight_smile: I used to struggle with cords and hoses too, until I took up sailing, with all of that ROPE. There IS a trick, well, maybe a few tricks. First of all, the cord needs to be warm, and can’t have lots of “kinky” memory, or it won’t work very well. I’m not sure how well I can explain it, but with each wind, one needs to untwist the cord just a tad, before adding it to the bulk of the cord that is already wound (on your hand/arm).

Perhaps someone can explain this better ? I’ll bet googling cord-winding might help, or sailing ropes. It takes practice and patience, but it can be done.

There are plenty of techniques:

This is my current favorite:

I was about to buy one of these last time they were available…then I realized the problem. With this type of a reel, you first plug it into an outlet and then you carry the whole thing to your work site. Let’s say you want to do some leaf blowing. So you plug your leaf blower cord into the reel and then you get to work…

Not so fast because the leaf blower has only a 6 inch cord. So you need to take another extension with you to use the blower, or hedge trimmer, or the leaf vacuum or any other outdoor corded equipment, as they all have very short extensions. Just doesn’t make too much sense to buy this type of reel. I’m sure there must be other uses for it but I’m not so sure what they are.

Yep-Amazon owns Woot

IMHO The above is the most important post regarding these products, that is “What are they?” . They are not an extention cord in the normal perception as pointed out by acanarelli, they are extention sockets.
They are a solution in search of a problem. With the limatations of the load capacity of the cord, the number of sockets is of questionable use for the normal uses of an extention cord.
One use would be a temporary jobsite where one workman is going to use a number of tools. This saves plugging and unplugging. Then again, cords with multiple socket ends have been available for some time. Seems a premium cost to save rewinding a cord.

This is my current favorite:


Ooh, now I have the urge to rewrap every extension cord in my garage (and attach ties on the ends too)! That was awesome. :slight_smile:

Forgive my ignorance, but where are you seeing this? I peeked things over, but I’m missing it.

I have something similar, and that is exactly how I use it. I have one outlet in my garage and it is in the back. I want to to use some power tools in the front and this is a good option. Mind you I use a manual reel and was much cheaper than these.

From buying an extension cord before I know that the numbers have a meaning. The lower the number the “stronger” the cord. To verify what I thought I knew I asked my husband the engineer. He said the word is “ampacity” That 16 would be “pointless” (also “cheesy”) 14 would be “standard” and 12 would be “starting to get into construction grade.” As to the “what are they for?” questions: I thought it would be nice to get the electricity to the work bench without multiple cords stretched across the floor. Not wanting to part with $120 for barely construction grade or to buy cheesy I pass.

If you’re a sailor, they’re called LINES, never rope.

I run swim meets that require a laptop, printer, timing console etc. all on a table nowhere near an outlet. These would be perfect - Or, I can just use the extension cord and surge protector that I use now - for a lot less $$.