Designcord Auto Rewind Extension Cord Reels

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Designcord Auto Rewind Extension Cord Reels
Price: $21.99 - 109.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Apr 14 to Friday, Apr 17) + transit
Condition: New


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These are great ! I’ve ordered a couple before to use for our car club and wish I had bought a couple for myself. I now have that chance !

I have the 20-ft which I use in my office and around the house. I also have a 50-ft for garage & outdoor tasks. For me they’re great! I love that rewind is so easy that anybody can use it. I used to fine my extension cords in a tangled mess when others used them. No more! Buying more here for fathers day gifts.

My 50ft came with a broken retraction lock mechanism. Does not stay extended at all. Need to send in for repair.

Bought 3 of these last time they were on woot. 1 is dead. Called the factory and they said to call woot. Called woot they said call the factory. Its a giant door stop now.

Thanks for joining today and telling us how great this product is.
That seems like the response of a normal individual that doesn’t not benefit from the sale of this product (sarcasm).

You seem so excited to buy one, however 3 hours later you still haven’t purchased one? What gives?

Good Morning,
We are really very sorry to hear this happened to you! We would like to replace the unit for you - our products and customers come first!

Is the colored trim at the top of the handled versions just to indicate the type (e.g. 30ft 16/3 is green vs 30ft & 40ft 14/3 are orange), or is it an actual button that performs some function?

Good Morning,
Please contact We will be happy to repair/replace your unit!

I wish Woot had a ‘Like’ button.

Good Afternoon,

The button has an important function: retracts the cord! The color is just to differentiate between sizes. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions feel free to email, or call 800-933-0163. Or tweet a question to @designcordusa.

Just being curious (nosy), how can you tell that he did’nt buy any?

Because the NSA is watching everything you do. Everything.

Haha! I actually did buy. Funny thread though.

Wait the NSA missed a transaction? Some intern is probably going to have to read through petabytes of logs and phone call transcripts now to solve the problem.

Too bad the 50 ft is OOS. Perhaps the next time the deal comes along.