Designed 4 Life Himalayan Salt Plates (2)

Designed 4 Life 8" x 4" x 2" Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates, Set of 2
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Be warned: these salt plates are SO HEAVY.

I bought some for Christmas gifts and didn’t end up giving them. I haven’t used the one I bought for myself yet. They’re so heavy that is seems more like a hassle to use.

For the serious foodie who doesn’t mind using a 20-pound baking dish or serving platter.

No offense, but this is a solid block of salt, what did you expect?

Bought 2 8x8 blocks awhile back, love cooking on them, 1 developed a 3" long crack, wrote Woot CS, had a new one in a few weeks.
If your the type of cook like me I open a bottle of vino & take my time preping meals, Sat dinner could be a two hour start to finish, You might like these, they take about a hour to heat properly, but steaks, burgers are really good on these.
Beware DON’T USE IN AN OVEN, can explode, plenty of help on the net just type in Himalayan Salt blocks.

Are they dishwasher safe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’d wonder how long they’ll last before cracking/breaking… despite the “Designed 4 Life” branding. I rather doubt that they’re designed to last my lifetime… salt is a crystal, after all, and tends to fracture. Then again, when (not if) these plates eventually break, you’ll still be able to use them for seasoning… can’t say that about most dinnerware. :smiley:

Should be about 5 lbs for a brick this size.