Designed 4 Life Salt

Designed 4 Life Salt

8x16x2 Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate
$41.99 $69.99 40% off List Price

Salt Shaver w/Himalayan Chunks & Plate
$19.99 $24.99 20% off List Price

Fine Salt, Indian Pepper, & Cooking Tray
$19.99 $32.99 39% off List Price

8" Round Himalayan Salt Plate with Bag
$26.99 $35.00 23% off List Price

8x14x1.5 Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab
$41.99 $75.00 44% off List Price

Himalayan Pink Salt 1lb Jars (2)
$16.99 $22.50 24% off List Price

Sole Drinking Therapy & Refill Salt Chunks
$14.99 $20.00 25% off List Price

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tray & Canvas Bag
$29.99 $49.99 40% off List Price

I have been waiting for these to come back. Yay Woot!

I know the cooking blocks have shown up here before. From for any past purchasers, any pro’s/con’s to grilling with them? I see that this offer has a 2 inch and a 1.5 inch. Is one thickness better/worse than the other? Thanks to all who respond.

I’m going to call foul on their advertising. Himalayan salt is by definition NOT the purest salt on Earth.

Salt is sodium chloride, which is a white crystalline substance when pure.

It occurs naturally, often mixed with small quantities of impurities. Those impurities, which may be other metal or inorganic ions, may affect flavor and color.

If you can taste a difference compared to regular NaCl and/or if you can see a difference (eg, the characteristic pink color), these are from impurities! Thus pink salt, by definition, cannot be the purest salt on Earth.

I’m not in any way saying these aren’t great for culinary use: they’re attractive and they’re tasty. However, it is a flat-out lie to say these are pure salt. Furthermore, it would be nice to have the composition so that we know the pink color is coming from something benign and not from uranium (it probably isn’t - that would mostly likely be orange).

We have been A-salted.

FWIW - if you are using salt in a non-cooking way, their densities do differ and may make the taste somewhat different on the palate.

The Drinking Therapy Salt - is this what my grandmother meant when she said some food “went through her like a dose of salts”?

I used mine on the grill…you coat it lightly on top with olive oil and place it on the grate to heat up. Then I put skewered shrimp on it.

So, what I’m hearing is that you’re making me dinner? :slight_smile:

Only if you bring the Woot Wine!

That’s a given!

Uranium is yellow, not orange.

I’ve been wanting this and finally I’m able to purchase it today, yeah! Found this video on cooking with salt plate, it got me so hungry.
Check it out.

Thinking of one or two slabs for dry aging beef in a mini fridge, I have to do a little more research unless some here has experience they can share.

Have this and I’ve posted “reviews” in the past. Two comments to keep in mind:

  1. Mine shipped poorly…they tend to develop cracks in them, even with a lot of bubble wrap. Inspect carefully and go ahead and heat it up (slowly…there are rules about bringing your block to temperature, especially the first time.) See point #2 here:

Anyway, do that sooner rather than later so you can contact customer service if yours has a crack in it and breaks (it can actually explode and make a mess in your oven).

  1. I thought it’d be awesome to use on the grill…but the big downside is it takes SO long to heat up that I waste a ton of propane. Grilling a skewer of shrimp on a gas grill is what…5-10 minutes to preheat and then maybe 5 total to grill? The block will probably take over 30 minutes to heat up.

The “seasoning” isn’t worth the time/fuel difference for me.

Mine mostly collect dust. When I entertain I have used them, chilled, for cheese platters. That’s kind of fun.

I think one of these would make a nice gift paired with one of the aprons or potholders over at Home Woot! in the Woot! Plus offers and of course, a bottle of Woot! wine :slight_smile: Wow, that was a lot of “!”

You want 1 and a half minimum, 2 is better. Less than 1.5 inch thickness don’t even bother…

I like the way you think.

Not sure if it is the way I think or the fact I am basically lazy and trying to do most of my Christmas shopping from the comfort of home. Woot just makes it too easy. :slight_smile:

for what its worth I got two 2in 8x8’s, read up about pre heating on the web, thay don’t recommend using in the oven, me? I have a big ol 6 burner Thermadore beast for a stove top, I start low for 15 minutes, medium 15 minutes then high for 20 minutes, I have had a killer rib eye and the wife loves burgers on them. One developed a 3" crack and woot replaced within weeks. I like cooking on mine, wouldn’t use a propane grill, only the stove top.

EDIT; just talked myself into cooking tonights ribeye on the block instead of the grill :slight_smile: