Designer Floor Lamp and Shade

Which one of these says, “Sure, it may be a studio apartment, but it’s a CLASSY studio apartment.”?

Woot is apperently trying to break the monopoly run by Lowe’s, they seem to have the market cornered on Jimco lamps! link to crappy evidence

Will the lampshade look good to wear to parties, that’s what you really need to be asking yourself.

Oh, the one with the white shade is much classier. That other lamp is just odd-looking.

I see what you did there. You’re probably right. That brown lamp would look odd in your gated community.

I got the silver one.

The bronze one has a weird shade, too wide.

The silver’s angle looks like it lights shit up better too

Junk… Two different options.

Is this lamp going to pop a lean to one side or the other like my current floor lamp? Some lamps, especially low priced ones, seem to always stand at an angle. I need a replacement!

These are seriously fugly.

My lampshades all come from Goodwill. They’re cheaper, therefore you don’t care when you spill beer on them.

My question exactly. I’ve always used cheap lamps from Target, Wal-mart, etc…, and they always end up leaning to the side.

Given that these will cost me $40 and the garbage I have now was $20, I’m wondering if these will be any better.

this deal and picture would have looked better on 11-11-11

Only if it was selling for $11.11.

this is actually a really good deal. target has a very similar lamp for $73.99 which i was going to purchase. yay to half price!

I can’t say i’ve ever spilled beer on a lamp shade (and i’ve spilled my fair share of beer), but kudos for being that sloppy-drunk.

But would Dylan Thomas have bought one?


The silver one is not just a lamp… its also the Festivus pole!

“Brushed steel finish and square base give this lamp a unique look”

So what exactly is unique? Steel? a square base? I could use some new lamps since a fly landed on my paper ikea ones, and my cat just HAD to get him.

But that statement above actually may have persuaded me to not buy them. I get annoyed by marketing fluff.

My DVD player isn’t unique, and it’s got a square base.