Designer Floor Lamp and Shade

i love lamp?

In for the silver one!

Its got a 3 way socket. Thanks to queen nancy you can’t make 100 watt bulbs anymore…

I’ve never seen a 3 way regular bulb that wasn’t 100+ watts.

Stay away unless you know how to change the socket or want to pay $50 for a 3 way CF bulb.

If you use a standard bulb, it’ll still work, just without the different levels of brightness.

you can use regular type A bulbs in a 3 way socket without a problem. it’ll be on/off/off/off. a few extra clicks. Same goes for non 3 way CFL’s.

Interesting … I’ve looked online and found 100 watt+ 3-way incandescent bulbs and found 3 way CF bulbs for significantly less than $50. Less than $11 at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Yes, they are more than the incandescents, but since they last so much longer, the cost really does wind up being about the same.

you’re correct. Just don’t go over the rated wattage unless you want to blow bulbs rather quick :). On the other hand, I have also seen CF bulbs a whole heck of a lot cheaper than $50.

ALSO - the phase out is for IC type bulbs. you’ll still be able to get 50/100/150 halogen type A bulbs, if you dislike CFL, but still want 3 ways.

Got two the last time these were on- the shades are VERY DIFFICULT to put together, and don’t look very great.

I believe this is the same adam + roth lamp that lowes sells for 69.99.

GOOD lamps (very good for the price) but not GREAT lamps.

I got last time too, the silver one was super easy to put together, the shade just pops into place… overall im glad that I got them, the quality is not bad at all.

‘not bad at all’ isn’t really a positive comment. I considered buying when they were offered a couple of weeks ago, but passed on quality concerns.

Anyone else buy them and have an opinion?

The electromagnetic properties of the lightbulb dictate the wattage. You’re not going to go over the rated wattage unless you give it more than 120V