Designer Floor Lamp and Shade

Enlightening deal

Those collapsible fabric shades are just the worst. I got one of those shades in a Target lamp, and the base where the fabric attaches to the hoop couldn’t withstand the pressure of the vertical supports. Prepare to buy a real lampshade.

wait, so who’s the designer?

Bought this last wootoff it is fantastic! get the silver one!

Bought two of the silver lamps last time.

While the lamps are very nice & sturdy, the shades are horrible. Pretty poor in quality.

Went out the next day and bought two new shades, what a difference!

I got the silver one in my December bag of cr****ap. It’s not horrible.

Not horrible. Not great. I bought one in November(?) and the first of the 3 brightness steps is already showing a loose connection. I need to blow past it fast or it’ll burn out my CFL.

If I wasn’t lazy, I’d probably return this.

Otherwise, if the wiring was sound, it’d be very good for the price.

so which one looks “not as cheap” or better yet, which one looks much more expensive than the other

I purchased the brushed silver lamp a few months back. Lamp is great, but the shade is just okay. The finished seaming around the top and bottom was actually not completed and was loose from the shade. I used a little crazy glue to fix the shade and all is well.

They are out of the Bronze. To bad.

I bought one of each, last time around for different rooms in the house. I was actually impressed with how heavy the metal is.

Assembled easily, the folded lamp shade looked a little wrinkled when first stretched, but smoothed out nicely in a few days. Got two silver ones I put LED lamps in and I love 'em

Id be in for a Leg Lamp!