Designer Q&A (Come help and share software knowhow)


So I decided that instead of creating a single thread for just my question, I’d start a whole thread where people can come and ask design software/creation questions and hopefully have them answered by the community. So please, ask away and answer those questions you know.


So, I designed an image in Photoshop, and I want to livetrace it to vector it and smooth the edges. But, everytime I try to livetrace it with 7 colors (Tshirt color included), Livetrace picks two shades of white (although there aren’t two shades in the original picture) and completely ignores the red and green in my picture (instead rendering them in grey.) Before I pull my hair out, does anyone know how to choose the colors you want rendered, or any other way to fix this problem?

I’m running CS2 for both Shoop and Illustrator, by the way.



Mr. Ho,
I have neither “Shoop” nor Illustrator, so I can’t tell you how to do that directly. A possible workaround could be to separate the colors in “Shoop,” export each color individually to separate files, trace each color one at a time, set the color for each trace, and finally recombine all the individual traces into one picture. If you’re designing for the Derby, there are only six colors (at most), which is feasible to do in this way, though not particularly convenient.



Mr. Jimiyo’s tutorial thread mentions a feature in Photoshop: pressure-sensitive stroking of paths. My installation of GIMP can stroke a path, but not using a pressure-sensitive tool (at least not that I can see). Is there a way to do this in GIMP? If not, would something like GIMPshop provide this and other PS features, or does it have mostly the same limitations as regular GIMP? (I’d like to find out before trying to install it for nothing.)

Thanks for any help.