Designing shirts


What programs do most desginers use to help with the creation of woot shirts?

I wasn’t sure where to put this topic so I posted it here.


Probably of woot shirts is best for that question, but the simple fact is that everyone uses different programs. People range from MS Paint (really!), Illustrator, PhotoShop, GIMP (free), Inkscape (free), to a myriad of other programs. Basically, use whatever you are comfortable with, and check the above listed thread for tips and help.






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Contest upload page:

so according to the official woot entry page, your software has to be able to output one of the above formats in order for your design to get printed (if it wins). Not sure if winners have been able to submit other formats. For example, native GIMP format (.xcf) might be a reasonable option, but I haven’t seen an official pronouncement if it is.


photoshop elements is a good un. cheap too. if you buy a wacom, you get a copy.

or fortran is a cool one, but not better than cobol.

i think theres a thread similar to this somewhere. couple months back…


Tablets are useful.

If you have a wii and like DIY, you could make a tablet.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’m learning the basics of Photoshop now. That Wii video was really awesome an d I have a Wii so I think I’m going to try that out.


The Lords of Cobol want to stop being used.


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