Desk+1 Desk+1 Stainless Steel Tiger Forest Anim

Desk+1 Desk+1 Stainless Steel Tiger Forest Anim

So it’s a long spoon you can stir stuff with.

Is there a person writing these descriptions who’s allowed to think for themselves and fix them?

Having fun?

We launched good sales before their time.

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Lots of fun.

You should do this more often. It’s getting me to click on stuff I normally would skip.

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We need more price mistakes (i.e items priced at $1 instead of $328).

But not $0. The robot overloads won’t fall for that one.

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They never ended up fixing that last $0 item.

Did you get one of the not suitable for poster items today?


They ended all those sales and will try again later. Not that it helps since all the forum threads still exist.


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Me neither.

I’ll go fix them.

I remember I got a steel series headet for 1 dollar. I owe the person who priced it a drink.

Same, though I also liked this:

Nice find. I need to get a wholesale discount from woot with the amount of stuff I order.