Desk Pets Robotic Bot

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Desk Pets Robotic Bot
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Can they fight each other?

These are great! Spider scared the hell out of my fiance. :slight_smile:

add this to a bag of carrots and you get a buggy bag of carrots

Disclaimer : Desk Pet Robotic Bot of Robottery doesn’t kill co-workers, no matter how many times “bot” occurs in the product name.

The picture of the army of robot pets scares me a little. I feel like the “I have seen the future” terrified cat meme would be fitting here.

Bought 2 of the skitterbots a couple weeks ago from Sellout.Woot. They are a lot of fun, drive my dog nuts. However, my dog has already broken one of the legs on of them…I might buy the trekbots this time around.

Multi-use tool!

Back massager
Cat toy
Baby scarer
Piratical joke

The list goes on

This is not a fair fight. They have wheelchair robots playing against non-wheelchair robots.

Trekbot in action.

What if it becomes sentient?

Piratical? You mean a pirates “rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year”? Arrrgh!

Awesome…in for one of each kind!

Check out those blinking eyes… so creepy!

What is the range?

shifty eyes why yes! exactly what I meant to type!

Got these the last time they where up,got a blue&red one.My dog did not know what to do,except try to eat one.Now I will try them on the cats,now that!!! should be fun to watch.

I bought these last time they were up. They are pretty cool, except that one of the three I bought didn’t work. It charged, but won’t “go”.

Be warned that they don’t work well on any kind of carpet, it must be a smooth surface.

The remotes are pretty small and can be lost easily, as one of my daughters found on on day two. The other daughter was not interested on day two, but they both had a blast using them for a good 20 minutes on day one!

Edit: FYI, we bought only the Skitterbots.

erm…never mind…the answer is right above me (now…)