Desk Pets Robotic Bot

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Desk Pets Robotic Bot
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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UGH, where is my bug zapper.

well… that may have taken 15 seconds or less to sell out

Do these smash well with a hammer?

Jesus Mary and Joseph … C’mon… Good stuff or bag. Of crap… Waiting…

Does it blend?

Best cat toys ever. Kitten went straight up in the air when the large black bug scuttled at him. Wish they came in mouse shape.

Seems like a gift for those who were looking forward to seeing some fun items Also, to those who were complaining about the expensive items. Lets hear some positive comments from those people.

To the untrained eye these appear to be harmless.

But they will take over their world while bugging you less than your co worker… I think.

First amusing little thing I’ve seen this woot-off, I’m hoping for more.

Oh, yeah, these are heading to Afghanistan!

If I had already gotten something or was sure I’m going to get something after this today I’d be in… Pretty cool, pretty cheap.

Dog and her sister (Cat) would both love this… Though Dog may sit on it.

Thank you woot for the reasonable price… In for two. My cats will hate you for this but my daughter will love it… fair trade.

still at 100%

In for three droids. Festivus in July.

I have one of the Trekbots (Wheeled). Kind of difficult to control, as each direction on the remote is like an on/off switch, instead of momentary. So, when you go to start turning, it spins in a circle until you send a forward or reverse command instead. They’re quite fast, so it’s tough to do any delicate steering.

How do you think it’ll fair with a Soldier trying stomp on it at 04:00?

In for 2 - will make excellent additions to the electronic gadget cat toys for my husband. Plus, he works from home, so he can technically use them at the office as well.

This is the kind of Woot-Off item we deserve, but not the kind we need right now.