Desk Supplies

That Toshiba 320 GB external drive isn’t much of a steal. Same price on Amazon.

I like my Buffalo external. I don’t live a particularly rough-and-tumble life, but if I started to I’d be prepared with this drive, I suppose.

I used to own that large-print keyboard.

3 things:

1 - The letters WILL rub off of the keys you use the most.

2 - It is not the most responsive keyboard ever made. Seriously, there will be times when you KNOW you hit a letter, but nothing will show up on screen. Also, some of the keys feel like they’re “tipping” a little bit when pressed. Overall, it has a “mushy” feel to it. If such things matter to you, you may want to take note.

And finally,

3 - If you keep your eyes open, they turn up at walmart occasionally for less than 10 bucks. That’s why I bought one. Well, that and I do admit, for a hot minute I thought the yellow keys looked kind of cool. I got over it.

Bought the Klipisch iGroove on a woot a couple months ago. The bass went out on it about 1 month after I started to use it. It’s unusable now due to the horrible sound.

I did not crank this up either just one day…poof…W.T.H?..move it around…talk to it…a few screamed profanities…and then depression set in.

I’m over it now, but I do not recommend this at all.

The Geneva Model S is a STEAL. It’s built like a beautiful piano-finished tank and sounds much better than anything at this price point (and even at $299 originally). It would put any WaveRadio to shame. Grab it while you can.

It’s also pretty heavy, the moment you pick it up you’d feel the quality. Seriously…wow.

We got the M&M desk lamp and its really nice. The night light part isnt very bright, but its cute to see the little M&M’s at night :slight_smile:
the actual light part is bright enough to light most of the side of the room. it was a good price also compared to what i found on other sites.