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Is Dell Inspiron One 2020 All-in-One Desktop PC also touch screen? I cannot locate anything in description. My assumption is that it is not. Am I correct?

Correct, it is not.

Got the 27-2720 last time on woot and it was way cheaper at $999 plus shipping and tax. At this price point it is almost the same as Costco for a new computer. Only difference is no graphics card, 1TB drive and no blue ray. If this is a pricing mistake, I would not hesistate to buy another one for $999 or actually I would pick up another 3 more.|PopularProductsInCategory

Just so everyone knows…
The Dell 2720T is NOT “Full HD” (1920x1080). It’s actually 2650x1440.

Amazon says the front-panel USB’s are 2.0 and not 3.0.

Which item are you referring to?

Here’s a Dell XPS 2720 Review with lots of photos.

Dell XPS 27-2720T

Wow, amazing specs for the price.
The Apple iMac, priced at $2000, only has half these specs (i5, 1/2 the HDD, 1/2 the RAM, etc) which is clearly what Dell is going after in this model.

No more “Full HD” garbage, keep the “QHD” coming!

What Happen to the 999.00 Price? like before??

I am looking at the HP 500-056 for just family common uses . Thing is I don’t see the HDMI option on it .
Anyone know if these PCs come with HDMI or not , or the HDMI is so common now that they don’t even list anymore ?

If it comes with HDMI, it will be listed on the Specs tab. I don’t see it listed for the one you mentioned.

Hey Woot Team,

Now is a good chance for you to correct your mistake of not shipping my Dell from previous sale (and cancelling my order without any notification) and sell Dell XPS 27-2720T to me for the price of $999.

I’m serious…

Does anyone have any comments on how good the XPS Quad-core is?

I have a similar model . Its basically the same computer with better graphics and an SSD. Its a nice computer. I really like it. Good relatively compact computer with room to upgrade. i7 3770 is nice but overkill for what most people need. Unless you do heavy Photoshop and video editing the i7 is wasted. Makes sense since this computer is designed as a media editing PC. Still a powerful computer for that price with great potential for gaming.

The case is nice. Really good looking. 4 front USB port(2x3.0 ports) is really useful. Makes it really easy to plug in a couple hard drive in front to move files around. The top tray is a neat feature, a nice place to put external hard drive I’ve found, just dont open the CD drive because that will pull the wire.

Motherboard has room for a mSata
ssd which could be used as a cache or boot drive. I have a 250 gb mSata as a boot drive. With that set up you can have 3 traditional hard drives for lots of storage.

Some negatives. This really wasn’t designed with major upgrades in mind. You cant remove the right panel to get at the back of the motherboard to replace the CPU cooler, you have to remove the whole motherboard. Airflow is not great. There’s no provision for a front fan, so all the ventilation is done by the rear fan. Not a big issue because you cant overclock this CPU anyway, existing cooling is fine.

Upgrading the GPU should be easy, this should support a 7870 right out of the box.

My bad the power supply on this model is different from mine. you’ll probably need to upgrade that if you want a better graphics card. Not a fantastic deal but not a bad deal either.

Staff, why such a price increase? I was interested in buying this until I saw people posted the previous price, and researched it confirming this. If this was made available at the $1k price as before, I would be willing to purchase immediately. Thank you.

This one has more on it.

The previous one had:

Dell XPS 27-2720T All-in-One Desktop PC
27" Quad-HD LED Touchscreen
Intel Core i7-4770S
GeForce GT 750M

This one has:

Dell XPS 27-2720T All-in-One Desktop PC
27" Quad-HD LED Touchscreen
Intel Core i7-4770S
GeForce GT 750M

This is the first time we sold this configuration from what I could find.

Thank you for pointing out the differences.

So $550 for 8gb of RAM and a blu-ray drive? Woot!

Google search “HP Pavilion 500-056” and you will see in the results the HP datasheet with specs and info for the model. Also photos of the connectors…