Desktop systems advice


What would people suggest for a desktop unit around $700 to $1,000?
I do some images, some video, mostly word processing, email, etc.
I don’t want to build a system, but can upgrade hd, memory, etc.


Sorry stl, I should have replied to you sooner. I have basically built every system I’ve owned for the past 5 years so I can pretty much just give you specs and brands for parts. At work we have a good B2B contract with Dell so that’s what we go with, prepackaged stuff… I’ll look into it for you but I’d have to say your best bet in that price range, if you want to do photo and video, would have to be a desktop. (Not an iBook.) Maybe I’ll just list my system stats and price for you when I get the chance.


I am definitely looking for a windows machine. The ibook is school stuff (though personally bought) I have built systems before, and love doing that, but am in the process of taking things off my plate. Just getting a new system up and running the way I want is enough without putting it together first with all the troubleshooting that goes with hardware.

Thanks Blue


I’m on my way to bed so I’ll discuss this in the morning, but I built a solid desktop that takes everything I throw at it for around $700 and I had no issues. If you don’t want to start from scratch and you already have a desktop, give me some specs and I can suggest some upgrades. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I can build a fairly problem free system for you from the ground up with a given budget. I can also look at what Dell and HP are currently offering and pick out a decent configuration for you. (I wouldn’t really suggest any other brand for a desktop. Maybe for a laptop but beyond those two I’d just assume build my own.)


I live fairly close to microcenter. I was thinking convenience was worth $? I await your thoughts. :slight_smile:


I highly recomend going to HP’s site. They have a nifty little customizable build-a-computer thing. Check it out.
It starts at 450 and you can upgrade as you go down the page.


Thanks oz,
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buy a delll, great computers, you can customize the whole thing plus great support and every thing!!!