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Squaretrade warranty available? How much if so?


Based on the Squaretrade box on the Features tab - $99 for one year.

It should be in the features tab on the sale’s detail page. If one is missing it, let me know.

I don’t see it there…help me por favor

Is the Dell Vostro (for $449.99) factory reconditioned, or is it brand new? Thanks!

Which item?

It is NEW, with a one year Dell warranty.

PC arrived with a damaged HD and damaged keyboard…disappointing.

Tried to install yesterday-crashed twice after basic set up. It wouldn’t power back up after the second time. Dell support was good after I found out that someone had already registered the sale of my “new” machine. It was woot, registered in November, 2014. My warranty is therefore only 10 months-not 1 year. Dell is sending someone out with a power supply, fan assembly and motherboard. Not a great woot experience.