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for the HP Envy 700-230QE Desktop it reads:

Blu-ray / SuperMulti DVD±RW combo drive – watch movies on your computer; read and write CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs in multiple formats

which sounds like it is a bluray burner. Is this true? Also, do you know if it is lightscribe?

We’re going to tweak that wording. It’s a Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner.

No lightscribe unless called out in the features and/or specs.

Good questions.

Seriously? It’s still around? I bought this a while ago and I still like it a lot. There must be tons of these in stock. The only thing that’s still killing me is the plug for the power, and I just put the brick on the opposite side of the computer and it never comes out.

I feel like this laptop is a steal now. I’ve gotten used to the size and heft. Waiting for an issue to pop up but haven’t found one.

I would really appreciate it on AIO listings it would say for certain if the unit was touchscreen or not. It makes a huge difference, and to have to google each listing each time is laborious.

If it is a touchscreen, it will be called out clearly in the title, features, and specs.

Some more details might be nice as far as how many SATA ports and such.

My coworker is looking for a nice family PC he can load with photos, video, music, etc so knowing how many SATA ports are still open for cramming in more HDD would be nice.


We rarely get samples on these so we have to go by the information from the vendor or the manufacturer’s site. Sorry. :frowning:

It says refurbished, by whom? Also, are off-lease computers subject to greater wear and tear than the factory reconditioned items?

Hard to tell if this Dell M531R supports WiDi. That isnt put on too many spec charts for some reason even if it is supported.

Purchased an Envy i7. Upon removing from box and booting, system asked for login and password. Usual ADMIN/ADMIN didn’t work. Had to call HP support and do a complete system restore from the hard drive. Very annoying.

Can you confirm it’s an IPS display? and did you get it refurbished too? that’s the part i’m unsure about…

Does this unit have a backlit keyboard for easy viewing in dim lighting situations?

Re. “4GB RAM expandable to 8GB”, how many slots are there and any available for the expansion or I’ll have to throw out the existing 4GB when upgrading to 8GB? Thanks.

The specs say that it has a 4GB GT 640 graphics card. The card takes up two PCI Express slots, but the picture only shows one being taken up. Can you please confirm if the picture is accurate or not?

Actually they do make single slot GT 640 cards. EVGA has one that is single slot 4gb. You just don’t get as much of a robust cooling solution on the card with a single slot vs dual slot card. Just an observations, but HP, Dell, and company seem to try to minimalize the guts.

That said, I’d still wait for confirmation just because sometimes the pictures aren’t an accurate representation. Perhaps one of the staffers is or can look into it.

UPDATE: The video card (GeForce GT 640) offered in this PLUS sale is a single PCI Express 16x video card (as shown in the picture).

Thanks for the inquiry!

So 1366x768 is still considered HD?

I bought the HP Envy 700-230QE Desktop i7.

You cannot hook four monitors to it, two of the DVI ports are covered with screwed on plastic barriers that say “DO NOT REMOVE” and so those DVI ports are unusable.

I have yet to pry them off and fire it up to see what happens, but don’t expect to be able to hook up four monitors to this thing out-of-the-box.

When to ship?