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The $579 HP is the best deal on a desktop on woot right now. Don’t understand why the more expensive HP is more expensive.
Just got my Dad an xps with similar specs but 100 more, and I thought that was a great deal.

You are right. Great deal for that processor and RAM combo. GPU is lacking but that is almost always the case with these pre builds.

The following is good:

HP Pavilion P7-1539 Desktop, AMD Trinity A10-5800k Quad-Core 3.8GHz, 12GB DDR3, 1TB SATA, USB 3.0, Eyefinity Radeon HD 7570D, Beats Audio, 802.11n, Win 8

Top of the line of the last generation APU’s. Not sure why they put a dedicated GPU in this that is only slightly better than the integrated graphics of the APU. Take that out and drop the price $25-$50 and it would be a STEAL.

I need a machine I can wipe and install Win7 32 bit (so I can run 16 bit programs) (don’t ask). Any idea how difficult it would be to find drivers for this box?

Which one is the 579?
Debating on which pc to get.
I was set on the envy 1534 but now Im looking at the pavilion 1539… Not sure anymore.
Look for something under 500…

The “579” was referring to the price…not the model #.

I would get the 1539. Cheaper. More RAM. Smaller Power Supply but both are too small to do any sort of real expansion on the current build.

I thought he FX chip would fare much better in a side by side benchmark…but it did not. Only outperforming it in multithreaded applications (and not by much). Here are two links:

The 1539 just has that dedicated GPU for almost no reason. Yes, it is slightly better than the integrated graphics on the A10-5800K but not enough to warrant paying for it’s inclusion IMO. Basically a waste…but even with that it is a good computer.

Don’t know which exact computer you’re talking about since they have several. I did read an article about installing Win 7 on a Win 8 machine and getting drivers that will work with all the hardware was one of the more difficult parts. You’ll get no support from HP. There are still some pretty good new Win 7 machines for sale, that might be a better option.

The HP H8 1417c is the one for $649 and the H8 1513c is the one for $579. They are almost identical machines. All the specs are the same EXCEPT the following:

The 1417c is from Sept 2012 and the 1513c is from Jan 2013.

HP lists the 1417c as a US model and the 1513c as a Canada model.

They have different video cards. Both are inexpensive cards that sell for about $60. The performance ratings of the two cards are very similar with the Radeon card minimally higher. Unlikely to see any real difference in video performance between the two cards.

The supplied software is slightly different; the 1513c comes with Photoshop Elements 10 which is a nice program that isn’t supplied on the 1417c.

Unless there’s some issue with the 1513c being a Canada model, I can’t see a reason to buy the more expensive one.

RE: the HP OfficeJet 4620. With this hooked up to PC, can I fax a document to an outside fax machine without printing that document first? Also, if not hooked up to PC, will this function as a traditional stand-alone fax machine? Good solution for me if it’ll do both.

Just a recommendation since we have a lot of offers this week…

If you’re asking a question about a specific computer, could you please link to that computer’s sale page?


A weary mod

hmmm…does anyone think i can run Autocad on any of these?

Here, you tell me:

Anyone have any info on this monitor. It seems like a great deal, but I have never heard of this brand and I am nervous. Any info on it would be appreciated.

AOC I2367FH-B 23" 1080p IPS LED

Review for the

It is very tempting for the price, size, color, ips

Anyone figure out the difference between these computers? I am contemplating buying the $649 cause the other one is sold out, but don’t want to make a $70 mistake and might wait

I bought mine from here a few weeks ago. I LOVE the monitor.

Based on the Woot stats the $579 is actually SUPERIOR IMO. Same everything with a slightly better GPU and slightly better wireless card. They have the same motherboard (and everything else really).

Wow…there is NO reason to get the more expensive one.

I think I gave you a line by line explanation of the difference between the two computers, which you quoted. There’s nothing else to say, unless you want to know what day of the week the computer was made. It’s no longer relevant since enough people figured out that the cheaper one was the one to buy, and it’s sold out. The one for $649 is the one I bought a few months ago, and it’s a fine computer. Still a good deal with no sales tax and $5 shipping.

People wondering about the AOC IPS monitors - they are excellent. IPS refers to “In Plane Switching”, which is a description of the LC molecular layers and the electric fields applied to them. IPS is superior to “TN” (twisted nematic) used in common inexpensive LCD panels. IPS panels have much better visibility from different viewing angles, especially vertical, more accurate and consistent color display, and more rapid response times.

Great article for anyone looking to see the differences between computer monitor technology.