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Just going to throw another recommendation for the brand out there. I got a refurb AOC LED monitor from woot a few months back. I was a tad leery at buying a brand I had never heard of too, but I absolutely love it.

I bought this monitor from woot last week. Obviously it’s still a small sample size but it has been great so far. Shipped pretty fast and was easy to set up. The color is clear and crisp. The controls to tinker with the color are bit of an annoyance but not really to the point of being an issue.

Anyone have any idea if the AOC 27" I2757FH monitor has any input lag issues? It doesn’t have a DVI port, but two HDMI ports, which is kind of weird.

So far so great for the 27" from my end.

You can get a DVI to HDMI cable for about $5 on Amazon.

A lot of graphic cards come with a DVI to HDMI adapter, unless your computer was prebuilt.

The last card I bought was a GTX 660 and I don’t honestly remember if it came with one. Good to know though. Thanks.

Can anyone point out the advances of these IPS monitors Vs other reg.LED monitors ?

I’m currently using a 27"Samsung LED monitor (not an IPS) to pair with the HP CPU purchased here not long ago .

Will the different be that obvious when using an IPS monitor?

To anyone considering the HP deskjet 3520, I just bought it when it was featured, well, I am not happy with the product t say the least.

I just got a cheap HP desktop and IOC monitor for my son’s business. No high end computing involved - just business and online use.

Both the PC and the monitor came with the original protective plastic and both look brand new. They work great and I couldn’t be happier for the price.

I am now wondering why I spent so much for my Dell desktop when I use it for pretty much the same thing.

Still the same advisory from the last HP roundup-- great as-is computers, not upgrade friendly.

No mounting provisions for extra internal devices such as another HDD, barely adequate 300w PSU with the bare minimum of cable runs that probably wont reach to what you’re plugging in to anyway, only SATA plugs with no 6 pin plug for graphics cards. Picky BIOS that you’ll need to tweak to run the graphics card.

If your idea of an upgrade is simply throwing in more RAM, you’re g2g!

I can has WQHD 27 inch monitor? No I can’t :(… Back to migraine inducing 1080p scaling from my rMBP

How can I tell if my computer is compatible with a touch screen monitor? Or that the touch screen I choose is compatible with my computer?


This doesn’t tell me much. I need to know if the monitor lags more or less than a comparable monitor of a smaller size, like the ASUS VH236H.

I play fighting games and timing-sensitive games, you see, so even a frame of input lag is an issue.

Well if that is your main concern I would stay away from IPS monitors as a whole.

Positives of IPS: Viewing angles and true color.

Negatives of IPS: “Deepness” of black and input lag/response time.

I would stick with TN if response time/input lag are your primary concerns. The one you listed for comparison is TN. (with a 2ms response time)

The 22" (not listed IPS), 20", and 19" selling now on Woot should all be TN (but I’ve checked and they are 5ms response time…the same as the IPS models on here). Read the article I posted in here for more information if you are not familar with the types of monitors (TN, IPS, etc.)

see above

quote from article Mr. Sutherland referenced:

“The main advantages of TN panels are their fast – usually 2ms (or less) – response time and their low price. Their major disadvantages are narrow viewing angles, relatively low brightness, and inaccurate color reproduction.”

What computer do you have? What operating system?

Here I go again. About a month ago I ordered the refurbished OfficeJet 8620 from Woot. I spent a week trying to get it working. The paper jammed at the same spot every time. Last week, I wrote Woot and asked for contact information from Image Microsystems that they could repair it under their warranty. Instead the customer service rep told me they hand nothing to replace it with, and gave me an RMA number to return it with.

So now, in under a week, there are more. Its still at the same price, and I still need a printer. What are the chances both will arrive broken?

I’m looking at the HP 1417C. OS is Windows 8.

You are most definitely compatible.

Touch screens are pricey though.