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Is the 128GB SSD enough to have Win8.1 installed on it with some apps, like Office?

Yes, but you need to manage your space. I’ve done it, but a 256gb drive gives a lot more breathing room.

Can anyone tell me if the HP ZR2740W monitors, as in the ones sitting in the Woot Palace atm and should I order one would be what I receive, have their PART NUMBER ending in 6a4 or 6a8?

Went to 3440x1440p x3 displays for my gaming/benching rig and needing a trio of 2560x1440p panels for my main studio PC (recording studio). I’ve had this model before, and after calibration it looks phenomenal (so being refurbed doesn’t matter to me really), but what does matter quite a bit is the revision…which is determined by the last 3 digits of the part number.

I bought one of theses months ago.

It’s product number is: xw476a
rev: liz 122
mfg: nov 2012
assembly part no: 634349-750

Hope that helps. I supposedly got the “better” one (vs the older ones people complained about a long while back).

Never had any issues with mine and absolutely love it. Stunning display!

Just has one dead pixel in the very bottom corner of the screen that does not get in the way of anything so I never bothered to deal with it.

I do a lot of photo work, gaming and reading on mine.

Anyone know the “downgrade” rights on the Envy line to move back to Windows 7?

I believe it has to be Windows 8 Pro for free downgrade. Otherwise you will need to buy a license.

Either way, you will need to locate the drivers.

I fear you are correct. I’ve used 8.1 on two machines for a couple of months and still occasionally get caught scratching my head how to do something simple or having to take time to create new simple shortcuts. Nice stable system, horrible UI for a desktop machine… I wouldn’t inflict it on anyone I love :wink: