For this product, the specs say the graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD. There are multiple versions of that card: 2000-8000. Which one does this product have?

Is this a new computer, or is it factory reconditioned.

All the computers is this sale are Factory Reconditioned. You can see the condition near the price on the sale page.

Hope that helps.

I have bought 3 HP AMD computers from Woot over a several year time span and they are all still running with no problems. I highly recommend them.

Got my HP 23" Full-HD Touch Quad-Core Desktop, but instead of the “USB Keyboard & Mouse” it came with wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. While this may sound nice, the computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth receiver. Oops.

On this computer that mention of reconditioned is not present. It is on all of the rest.

That cracks me up :slight_smile:

would this be considered a decent gaming comp for someone looking to get into desktop gaming?

I see it says factory reconditioned later on the 30th. When I saw it and ordered it said New. As does my first receipt email. My order history says reconditioned. Is this bait and switch?

The condition of the product shouldn’t have changed during/after the sale.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your purchase please feel free to contact Woot Member Services at and let them know.