Dessert Island

Sounds like an elaborate finish to a night out at Chili’s.

Little did our shipwrecked adventurers know that the whole island was the treasure!

Ha! This shirt is inspiring me to have a midnight snack :slight_smile:

Nice work, Wotto!

Whoa. I’m originally from Brea, CA. Cool shirt, as well. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned with yesterday’s shirt, I think puns are highly underrated.

I gained five pounds just from staring at this shirt.

All those who say the Zapfino font is best legible at a size over eight, raise your hand.

I’d rather spend my time with that twinkie the size of Manhattan from Ghostbusters.

It’s so hot and dry in the desert that only one ‘S’ can grow.

/good way to remember how to spell desert vs. dessert.

The island’s largest natural export is… guilt!

It takes zero effort to convince me of having a midnight snack.

It’s been forever since I’ve seen a Wotto here. Good to see ya, sir.

Arr. This shirt shivers me timbers.

This is making me crave chocolate, ugh!

Does this qualify as seafood? Whatever it is, don’t let it past yer eyes.

I think Flapjack would be exited to see this island.

I’m just not a fan of the colour scheme here. Beige on heather grey just seems … unappetizing to me. :frowning:

After dessert, we should head over to BARbados.

Arrrr… you going to eat the rest of that?

That looks like one savorrrrrrrry scrrrrrrrrrrrumptious snack.