This is to cute. Made me laugh.

Not pictured: The ice cream cone a moment later.

can anyone read it on the yellow? or is it just my monitor?

I want the shirt in RED! :’(

I can read it

Never trust the sweet smiling ones ; )

The truth about the dark side of sweets.

This shirt takes the (cup)cake.

Same here. I would buy it except I find the lemon t-shirts feel a bit thin for my liking. Doesn’t feel the same as the other t-shirts.

Wt f stands for “Where’s the food”, since the cupcake’s obviously being desserted.

I like the shirt in red too, it’s design pops out a little more. But I’m glad to see a lemon color shirt, I love that color too.

That’s pretty foul language for a cupcake.

I’ve heard of mellow yellow but this hue is no-thank-you.

The subject is good, the color sucks… hard to read… unless you want people to stare at you for a little bit. I’m out.

Yay MJ. Love this one!

w-t-f is in poor taste even if it is said by a tasty cupcake.

SO awesome!!!

Congrats MJ! love it!

Agreed. Would have been in for the kids, except they can’t wear “WTF” to school. Or in my house even.

Candidate for remix with censoring for the cupcake. Cute design otherwise, but no sale.

[edit] See? Even woot won’t print it in their comments! It autocorrects! And can’t even use an F word!