Destroy, destroy, destroy.

This shirt is so bizarre. #pass

Ugh, grey.

I see six spinal cords attacking a city. Anyone else?

Is there a New World Order message within this shirt?

I don’t like the colors for this.

yuk, and that’s not just me being mean.

Where are the Power Puff Girls when you need them?!

It’s interesting, the colors (with exception to the bolts of light in the middle of the claws) are strong and good for this color shirt, and I can see robot fans intrigued with this, but it’s not for me.

This robot is what did Atlantis in.

You say Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, but it looks like it’s creating, creating, creating…

this reminds me of Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. kind of a brain looking thing in the middle there.

Nice design, but i would love to see it on black. Heather grey isnt my thang u kno?

It was tricky and took quite a few deaths, but I think I found the weakpoint on this boss! (hint: it’s pink)

Is that his brain right in the middle? Seems like a good target if you’re trying to destroy him.

yeah, anything with robots, I’m in.

OH! and apparently I’m in FIRST!


One of the few designs I’ve seen that actually makes sense on Heather Gray. It’s cool-looking and weird, which is always a plus in my book.

Power level must be over 9000. Double kamehameha!

The crisp technological look of this design seems to clash with the athletic grey. Is it just me? I rarely find athletic grey preferable to straight grey, personally. Am I crazy, or is anyone with me on this?

Edit: Hahaha! I just saw the post that came right before mine, but after I started writing…

Looks like something that would climb off a dark carved wall in some warped chrome version of Tomb Raider: Deity + Dalek