The Angry Bird: Showing his ferocity 140 characters at a time.

Some birds just can’t be angry. It’s not your fault little guy for being so optimistic :slight_smile:

Chicken wants everyone to know he’s badass. He really is. I mean, lookit them brows! They’re angry … or something.

I had never really thought about birds using their feathers as fingers, but now… it just makes so much sense!

Which do you think came first, the angry bird, or the angry egg?

Blame it on the music.

hahaha awesome congrats ILovedoodle another great design

*Don’t wear this shirt: to an Alfred Hitchcock film festival. *

The Birds was a good film based on the Daphne DuMaurier story.

I always thought regular birds transformed into Angry Birds because of gamma radiation.

“Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry!”

The bird is applying it’s war paint. Now they’ll know that these birds are truly upset!

It’s nice to see a good red shirt.

Ummmmm… No.

Heh. “Mister Determined”. Reminds me of yet another long lost '80s movie: Hot Pursuit. :wink:

The more I look at the fingers/feathers the weirder they become.

Drawing 101: This is why you have to place the eyebrows just right, otherwise “determined” looks like “angry”.

At least the bird isn’t trying to be cute and cuddly…

Definitely one of the most clever gaming reference shirts I’ve seen on Woot. Even a non-Angry Birds fan would probably find this funny and charming.

Also, it reminds me of this, which gives it extra cool points.

Here is the Mister Determined line, around 3 minutes in:

Why are pbpbb YouTube tags not working?

Kids these days have no respect, they spend their whole day just flipping the bird…

wakkah wakkah!