Very nice devo theme idea. I felt this was one of the best pieces up there. Great job, dixon!

Not the one I was hoping for but congrats.

Actually loved this one. Glad it got picked.

From the looks of things, it looks like the Oregon Trail is in for some nuclear trouble.

Looks like the demolition team used a little too much C4.

Edit: Or should I say DEVOlition?

The next panel in the series should have more Will Smith. He can fix all apocalyptical devastations!

So Devo = Destruction is the message. Very nicely executed and a near perfect match for my current mood. Which worries me. I want to go back to the tree swing phase.

When a problem comes along, you need this shirt!

I would suggest that the ‘tree swing phase’ is a foreshadowing of diabolical events to come. Too often does the tire swing result in death, coma, or profound injury to its unsuspecting patron.

This shirt tells the world: even though we don’t have to worry about dysentery anymore, theres still the nuclear holocaust!

Well, if you can’t shoot enough meat, you can hunt and microwave it at the same time! No more dysentery!

Maybe I should relocate away from the Oregon Trail…

oh, you’re cheerful ; /

Actually, dysentery is still serious business:

To quote “Dysentery is a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in developing countries.”

Yet another win for cmdixon! Nice win, but I’m not really into devo… so it’s a no go for me.

Congrats! Love your shirts!

Oh, it’s just me and a rather tumultuous past with tire swings. I’m biased. :frowning:

If you check my statistics , I’m a regular buyer - but I have to say, I would of bought this t-shirt, I almost bought the t-shirt, but then I noticed that a cool t-shirt was marred by that stupid devo thing.

The only cool thing about devo is that weird al sang about them.

t-shirt fail.

What they’re doing there is really terrible for the enviroment. Nuclear bombs should be more eco-friendly.

Whoohoo! Jumpsuit! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for voting for this one! You rock! TBH, I’m really surprised Robbie didn’t take this one. I’d better see him up for Woot’s pick tomorrow.