i really like this design, but i’m not so hot on the white t. hmmmm. decisions, decisions.

You have died of fission.


Humming this for tonight’s lullaby.

And good night.

congrats! really well done design!

Great artwork as usual, cmdixon! It’s a bit too similar to, a shirt I already have, so I’ll pass this time, but it’s really lovely.

“Where’s the happy little tire swing Everett?”

True, this is actually from the next
Oregon Trail 6: Escape from Portland


When I ordered it, it says the first white woot shirt, but wasn’t the April Fools (blurry question mark) shirt the first white shirt, at least that’s what it said when i bought that one too?

Congrats cmdixon2, keeping Indiana relevant once again!!

Since ThatRobert’s GPS design now shows a vote total too, I’m thinking that could mean a good day for him Sunday?

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This is not a cheerful shirt!

De-evolution lurks…

I know what I am wearing December 21 2012

I am in for one.

Aww, great, thanks lonelypond. Now I’ll be singing that all night!

You know how whenever you would hunt too much and the little box said, ‘If you continue hunting in this area, game will become scarce?’ This might be what they meant.

Hey! Good catch. I wouldn’t have noticed that. That IS encouraging!

And without the Devo theme, this shirt would have never been made in the first place. Devo is awesome, and this shirt is great.

The setting sun cast the land in a haunting red glow. A small town was being founded in America’s rural west. It was the 1800’s, and thousands were claiming a piece of young America for themselves, but none knew what secrets slept beneath the red earth…

Time went by, and the town grew. America was thirsty for gold, and fate chose one individual to strike such a precious vein mere miles away. With a single swing of a pick-axe the town’s fate was sealed forever.

The growth was explosive. It seemed to happen overnight. Buildings were constructed, businesses sprung up, and mining infrastructure sprouted like vines. The town, now a city, prospered.


From the very first mine shaft cut into the rocky landscape, rumors circulated. Rumors of dark deeds in the mines became commonplace. Collapses and missing miners seemed to plague the city, more so then in others. Even with it’s dark reputation, none could resist the allure of gold, and the growth continued.

Fast forward to the 19th century. The city has exploded into a massive modern mecca. Industry and business replaced the old mining trade. In this day and age people were complacent, people assumed they’d be alright. A team of historians re-opened some of the old mines, the vestigial network which spread like roots beneath the city and into the rugged mountains beyond. What they discovered there was not recorded, but the aftermath was unforgettable.

It started with a few missing people. A few kids disappeared, and the police took notice. Soon gruesome homicides decorated the alleyways, and people who seemed berserk with rage began attacking innocent people. These bizarre attackers shambled in unnatural ways, they did not reason, and they did not die. Within 24 hours it became a full blown panic. Chaos reigned, and the government was called in.

Containment was hopeless, and the only salvation for this cursed landscape was going to come with the very force of the heavens themselves. Carried by the black wings of silent jets, a nuclear bomb was birthed into the sky. It fell screaming into the chaos below and silenced the madness for good.

In the fleeting final seconds of the city’s doomed existence a pillar of flame and destruction rose into the skyline. For miles around the message was quite clear. The old city, once a young and prosperous town, was no more, and the land was cast in a haunting red glow.

I wanted to like this shirt, and mostly I do. Mostly. I really like how the shirt shows a progression through time, and how we’re all going to die in the end. I could do without the Devo logo, but I understand that the derby had a theme. All in all though, very nicely done.

However, the first frame is a killer for me. It appears to depict a tiny horse pulling a tiny covered wagon. There’s just something wrong about the proportions. It appears that the horse and wagon are almost next to the tree (look how far the tree roots extend in frame 3, and how the tire in frame two is way above the white/dark division, though it’s only slightly elevated), but the tree is only a sapling. That would make the horse very, very small.

Also, the wagon is only about the same length as the horse, and this is wrong…covered wagons were much larger. Which is why covered wagons weren’t pulled by horses, but rather by teams of oxen. Sometimes by mules (and what I’ve identified as a horse could be a mule), but again, by teams of mules. It’s all wrong, in scale and even the subject matter. And what’s sad is that it really didn’t even have to be in the image; it’s clear from the other frames that the first one took place in an earlier, gentler, time period. So much gentler that they didn’t even have tires to make swings out of yet.

I really do love the overall concept, but it’s funny how a small detail can kill the whole wearability of a shirt. And yes, I do know people that would be asking me why the horse and covered wagon are so small, and why it’s a horse, etc. Endlessly.

I suppose I could cover that part up with some Wite-Out, but that would add to my laundry time. I don’t enjoy laundry time. Also, Wite-Out wouldn’t really match the shirt, and then people would be asking me what I spilled on my shirt. Hmmm…maybe I could cover it up with tomato sauce and avoid both questions?

If it’s ever printed elsewhere without the horse and wagon, let me know. I’ll buy one straightaway.

dark. perhaps a bit too much for a t

The viewpoint is from the top of a hill looking into a valley. The darker gray at the bottom is the foreground which includes the tree.

Nice design! Finger is on the trigger…

NightGhost made a great point - this is a sign of De-Evolution, which fits D(e)EVO quite well. Although I would rather have the DEVO removed, it is part of what allows this to be a valid entry.

In leau of writing a book, as some before me have I will end my comments now… :slight_smile: