Shame it had to be on white, I really wanted this one.

What ever happened to subtlety and insightful, witty satire?

This is a little too on the nose for me. This would have been genius in 1920. Today, it’s practically too mainstream to even be mainstream.

I see what you’re trying to say, but again, I think there’s a depth/perspective issue. I did understand that the POV is from a higher elevation, and that’s actually the problem as I see it. The view through the tire is completely white, and we all know that swings are only a foot or two above the ground (so that your feet can still touch the ground). Since it’s viewed from above, the view through the tire should have been gray, indicating it was very close to the tree. That, in part, is the problem with the perspective to me.

I was trying to be a little bit funny, but I was also being serious. I think there’s a perspective issue, and I was trying to provide constructive criticism. That’s why I was comparing frame 1 to frames 2 and 3, the issue (my issue) is that there isn’t a consistency between them. My brain equals that out to tiny horse in frame 1, but others might focus on the view through the tire or the size of the roots in the other frames. Basically, overlay the first three frames so you see the biggest tree, the tire swing and the horse/covered wagon, then see what you think of the perspective.

I really do like the design, it’s just that my brain focuses in on these kinds of things…especially when they’re all in a row begging to be compared. But I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t come anywhere close to doing what you do. I don’t have the artistic skills. I do have the sense of depth and perspective though.

Congrats on the win, it really is a good design.

Looks cool. very nucyaler!

sad & depressing. Why would I buy this, wear it and spread the downer?

Shirt.Woot: After the Bomb!

Congrats on the win Chris. I love the sequential panels and the big color at the end!

I absolutely LOVE this design, but I just don’t wear white shirts. :frowning: So sad.

This is glorious.

Great staging. It’s very bleak compared to Devo’s music, even the first three panels have a melancholy feeling, but it’s a handsome shirt.

I imagine a lot of people will be unwittingly promoting the band with this, so everybody wins. :slight_smile:

Actually, the Oregon Trail game used oxen to pull the wagon and not horses. That is clearly a horse on the design.

Here’s some references:

aperfecttool72 has died from a combination of dysentery & nuclear radiation.

I suppose that Matthew Broderick was playing with Joshua again?

silly kids.

Congrats Chris!!

you do realize this is a devo-derby…
its theme week.
also have you heard any of thew Devo? its rather good.

I am very glad that this design got picked, and made sure to buy one. Congrats to cmdixon2 on the win in voting, and second place overall.

i think this brings to question what Devo is supposed to represent. As i know it Devo = Devolution of mankind. We are getting stupider, dumber, more oaf like…so praytell me how devolved men can fly planes???

is devo even popular enough for a substantial amount of wooters to buy shirts this weekend?

I would like it more without the DEVO on it but I am still in for one. I love the design.

Sounds like a death metal group NUCLEAR DYSENTERY ! ha

High technology does not necessarily equate to a higher plane of evolution. Perhaps the rate of progress in our technology vs. the relatively slow or non-existent progress in our morals makes it look like we are digressing or devolving ?

Most chimps can be trained to operate technology.