DEWALT 20-Volt MAX LED Flashlight

It’s a bit late today but I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents in case anyone is still on the fence.

I have a set which this light came with, and have to say I love it. Surprised me that this was the tool I ended up using more than any of the rest (drill, driver, recip saw, and this light).

The light is bright and stays lit for quite some time with the batteries I have. The swivel head allows you to set the light down on a surface and aim at your work area, which is very useful. There is a metal loop that can pop up on the top so you can hang on a hook or carabiner or whatever. The grip is comfortable and the button is very nice to operate.

The light itself can get warm but that is not really an issue, just something to know about.

I have two wishes. First is that it had a magnet so I could hang it against ductwork easily. Second is a focus mechanism. The beam can be intense in the center since it gives a bullseye beam.

Otherwise, nothing but happy! I find myself using this all the time, not just when I need the other tools.