DeWALT 20V MAX 3-Tool Kit w/ ToughSystem Case

DeWALT 20V MAX 3-Tool Kit w/ ToughSystem Case

After doing some research, there are some things that need to be pointed out about this deal. First of all, while the batteries are compatible with DeWalt’s 20V Max tool line, they’re not MAX batteries. They are only 1.3Ah capacity while normal MAX batteries are 2.0Ah and MAX XR batteries are 5.0Ah. That is one way they’ve cheapened this deal. The other is that few people need/use a flashlight these days since everyone’s cell phone has a flashlight in it. So here you’re paying $180 for a drill and an impact driver. For comparison, there is a “4 tool” DeWalt package on the mothership that adds a reciprocating saw to the other tools here and includes the actual 2.0 MAX batteries, for $249. I feel that’s a better deal if you need a reciprocating saw (I do, as someone 5-finger discounted my SawzAll recently).


Do you think this is a better deal? I really need the Reciprocating saw. This combo had gone around $260 before.

The 5-tool set you linked to is coming up at $299 for me. So you’re getting a cordless circular saw and upgrading one of the 2.0Ah batteries to 4.0Ah for $50. Seems a good deal if you need the saw.

What you say about the amperage appears to be true, but they are shown as follows in the specifications:
(2) 20V MAX Compact Lithium Ion Battery Packs (DCB207)
They also actually have “MAX” on the side of the battery.
So…it seems “MAX” is the dewalt branding and in that way, they ARE “max” batteries.

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Notice in the specs for the battery, they don’t use the term “MAX”; they say “DeWALT DCB207 1.3Ah 20V Li-Ion Compact Battery”. So they’re compatible with “MAX” tools, sure. But at 1.3Ah they won’t last long before needing recharging. That’s why if you go to buy a “MAX” battery separately, they’ll sell you a 2.0Ah battery, not one of these dinky things.

I feel this is a good deal, the hard case is what adds value. Yeah these are the smallest batteries but for the average around the house use do you need 8 hours of battery life?

I see MAX on the specs tab.

I meant the 5-tool combo has gone as low as 260 but I missed it.

They might be Max batteries. Under features they don’t mention Max for the batteries. They do for everything else but the case. States it is compatable with Max but at 1.3Ah, personally wouldn’t use it with something that needs more bunch, like a saw…I’d go with the 5Ah. But if you stay with moderate use and the drill and impact you won’t have any issues. But I agree…not the best deal for two 1.3Ah batteries, a flashlight and case. I prefer the soft side bags. But, each to their own. Be well!

DeWALT DCB207 1.3Ah 20V Li-Ion Compact Battery (2-Pack)

  • Lightweight design for less use fatigue.
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime.
  • Works with DeWALT’s entire line of 20V MAX tools.

Another thing to point out, The Impact Driver picture shows that it’s Made in the USA, and the Drill doesn’t. Is this a mix of the of the Made in USA and China drill / driver? Are they all made in USA? Nothing in the description states either way.

From what I can see, they are not brushless, so that makes it a big PASS for me.
Brushless ones are far superior and are getting to be nearly as cheap. Add the inadequate batteries and this one is not really much of a deal.