DeWALT 20V MAX Brushless Impact Driver

DeWALT 20V MAX Brushless Impact Driver

Another non-deal .Woot Deal !
$20 less on ebay !
$5 less at Home Depot with Battery and Charger, which is really $80 less
if ya add the battery and charger !!


I don’t know where you’re shopping from but in my area the same tool without battery and charger is the same $129 at Home Depot: SEE PRICE HERE . And the price of the battery and charger is $99 at HD.

This isn’t the steal of the century but it’s not a “non-deal” either.

The DCF887B is all over ebay for around $73-90 brand new.

On top of this it has gone on sale with much better deals in the past: <- When it was 73 on ebay <- 169 deal but it came with a lot of adders such:

  • DeWALT 20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2" Compact Drill Driver Kit (DCD771C2)
  • DeWALT 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25" 3-Speed Impact Driver (DCF887B)
  • DeWALT 37-Piece Screwdriving Set (DW2176)
  • Carrying Case
  • Battery and charger

So this has sold for a lot lower. This has sold with a lot more at a much better bang for your buck. It’s also worth noting that this is about a week after I saw DeWalts going on sale all over (internet and stores) so I suspect this is going to go on sale a lot more often for a lot better of a deal soon enough. Watch SlickDeals everyday and set alerts for Dewalt and I gurantee you will find a much better deal. Woot shows up there once in a while but rarely since their prices have been less than stellar for the last 5-8+ years.

Home Depot constantly has sales on this item. I buy 2-3 a year for new employees and never pay more than $95 for the tool only. Never seen it with 2 batteries and charger like Porciniman said but I do see the tool itself all the time for less. This is by no means a deal or what woot would have sold before Amazon bought them. Woot used to be the bomb, not it’s just a bomb. Amazon Deals are usually better than anything you ever see on woot anymore. Sad really.

It’s pretty much game over for deals. The higher pricing is a result of their wage increases. People who push higher wages without merit think the money comes from some magical place, but it doesn’t. It had to happen eventually, Amazon will just be average priced or higher than other places. Time to just do without.

Don’t buy this. This is known to easily overheat and even smoke when used with larger batteries.

Meh. Bare tool. No battery or charger. I’ll wait for the Father’s Day sales to kick in.

That isn’t how this works, that isn’t how any of this works. Woot isn’t run by the original Woot anymore. Things changed and not for the better. SlickDeals is really where people hang out now to discuss real deals.