DEWALT 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless Premium Hammerdrill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Seriously Woot?? This kit sells for $199 on with free prime shipping.


$324.99 new at Amazon

When this kit is on sale it is under $200 new.

$289 Amazon Prime:

$179 for new (not refurbished) from the depot…

[VMod note: That set is not a hammer drill, the motors are not brushless, and smaller batteries.]

For those of you who don’t care about having a hammer drill, the combo with the regular drill is $199 at Home Dep with choice of extra tool.

[VMod note: Brushless? Battery capacity?]

Different combo pack with different tools. This is the same drill, newer impact.


Still not quite the same. Woot has 4Ah batteries, DCF886 Impact Driver and DCD995 Hammerdrill. The Home Depot one has 3Ah batteries, DCF885 and DCD985

This seems to be the closest on HD site but with the (newer?) one number higher drill and driver.

You can get the exact same deal from ebay with free shipping and you don’t have to pay sales tax:

It is being sold for 279.99

It is being sold for 279.99

The boss got me probably this same drill a few months ago.
Home Depot was offering a trade in program where any Dewalt drill was worth 150 in trade to a new drill like this one.
It’s a beast, much more powerful then the 18 volt XRP hammer drills I have used, and battery lasts a lot longer too.
Pretty sure my drill only kit also came with 5ah batteries, but they do have the gauge with a button on one side, so either they make a one size bigger version or maybe I have 4ah but pretty sure it says 5 on it.
I don’t really need the dedicated small hammer drill anyways but if this is a deal I’d recommend the set and you can always upgrade to smaller or bigger batteries to add to your use time.
Bosses kid has the small hammer drill with 3ah batteries and he loves it and it has almost never gone completely dead on him either.
They pretty much run full power till almost done anyways no matter what size you get it will fit any of these 20 volt drills.

Yes indeed, if you waited too long then they raised the price. You’ve got to act on these low prices quickly or they are gone with the wind.