DeWALT Drill and Impact Driver Kit with 2 Batteries

I have this same kit and completely gutted and remodeled my entire downstairs with them. Mine came in a hard plastic case that protected them even when said house burned down, much to my surprise (helped that it was sandwiched between a metal toolbox and drywall downstairs, but did take some digging to get to).

I’ve never had a problem with the nicad batteries. They always held a change nicely even over time. With the lithium batteries, I hear when they die, it’s instantly, as opposed to the relatively quick, but still noticeable voltage drop with the nicads. Basically, you won’t get surprised and get your drill stuck in the wall with these. I don’t think I’d ever pay the extra money for lithium drill batteries.

Also, I used the drill significantly more than the driver, even when I was driving a pile of screws into the floor (strongly reccomend torx over square or Phillips). The driver spins so damn quick, and with the impacts, it’s much harder to feel and stop at the right time and not blow through the material. If you’re going into something much harder, like building a pressure treated deck, the impact driver probably would reduce wrist fatigue a fair bit.

Sales tax!?

Screw that…

No these are not the XRP batteries. They consider these compact 18v I believe. They are OK for low use tools but no good on bigger ones.

You’re right, however, I’d rather take the quality of the DeWalt with antiquated batteries over the Ryobi people are linking to. Nothing against Ryobi, but my DeWalt drill has been through hell and back (using NiCd) and still works perfectly.

The difference between NiCad and Li-Ion, esp. DeWalt’s implementation, is so night and day, that I’d seriously question the credibility of anyone suggesting it’s not a big deal.

DeWalt did go to great lengths to make their Li-Ion batteries backwards compatible with 95% of their tools, so buy this for the drivers (once you drive a self-tapping screw with one of these small impact guns you’ll rarely go back to a drill driver) if you wish, but you couldn’t pay me to go back to NiCad batteries.

I’m rebuilding a deck and used both the 18V NiCad Dewalts and the 18V Li-Ion Ryobi this weekend (friends with better tools). The Dewalt was noticeably stronger in both the drill and impact driver. The Dewalt is definitely a heavier tool, but felt more like a contractor grade tool. The Ryobi was a very nice tool, but not in the same class as the Dewalt.

What the?

First time I have ever seen an order go all the way through and then say “Denied”. The site has an order number and all but says “Denied” under Order Status. When did Woot! start working this way?

Maybe they’re messin’ with ya with one of their “funny-isms”. Love me some down to earth Woot!

But maybe your payment got declined or denied. Or maybe Woot already knows you own some power tools and they’ve teamed up with your wife to eighty-six the sale. These days, it could be anything…

Well son of a gun, they’re sold out. It took me 7.5 hours to realize that I must purchase another set of these awesome tools, but I was snoozin’ and there for I’m now losin’! Shoooot!

The plural of drill is “drills,” not “drill’s.”

As in “Drill’s Just Got Good Representation.”

For the record, the Dewalt @ 89+5 shipping is a mere luke warm deal. They pop up from Sears, Kmart, lowe’s, and/or Home Depot each Father’s Day and then at Christmas time. Usually this pack is a $99 door buster or regular sale.

@ “Nicad aren’t that big of a deal” folks

I’m sorry, but you’re simply incorrect. The power delivery from Lithium is incredible and incompareable to the NiCads.
You are correct in saying that that Lithium powered drivers will screw THROUGH an object if you’re not paying attention. There is definitely a learning curve with the power delivered, using an impact driving screws with Lithium vs. NiCad. The NiCad poops out and basically acts as a clutch whereas the Lithiums have the oomph to finish the job, usually 200-400 times over.

Lastly, the number of Lithium Dewalt that will work with the NiCad originals are limited. They initially tried to go the Ryobi route, which was to share battery shape and toolage. They’ve since updated their Lithium batteried tools to be “20V” tools, to differentiate them from the older 18v lithiums and NiCads of before.
Bottom line, if you want Lithium Dewalt, choose it, but know it’s double the price (and 2-3 times the tool) of the NiCad.

@ 36V guy, say what? i’m 6’5" and 300 lbs and I’ve never been in a situation where I’d be happy holding 36V over my head. the amount of torque and weight in that tool would limit the usefulness so much. In fact, very few cordless tools are higher than 18-20V now due to weight. The exception being cordless lawn tools that aren’t typically doing anything but either rolling around or being pointed at the ground (string trimmers, mowers, blowers, chain saws). Makita has started releasing some 36V devices that use 2x18v battery packs in series to double the voltage.

HOpefully this post is helpful to some folks. I don’t use tools everyday but am around them plenty and DIY a lot at my house and my rentals as well as helping my FIL who is a contractor. There’s plenty of tool talkin’ around the living room.

Happened to me Saturday morning with the Automotive Paint restore kit as well. Woot laid the blame on my end (problem with my credit card???)- I contacted credit card company and they laid it right back on WOOT’s equipment timing out too fast. Woot’s reply - Sorry, the vendor was unable to fill the order - so maybe this is their way of saying they are sold out, but want to make it look like it is your problem (bad credit card etc.) As you can suspect, I was not happy.

You are quite right. A good friend of mine is a mechanic by trade, and he uses a 20V DeWalt Lithium all the time as an impact gun in his work, in fact I have even watched him take wheel nuts off with it. Charges it up overnight, and uses it all day. The older 18V Nicad will not even come close to that powerwise.

Great, I guess I won’t count on Woot making things right. I always use PayPal and this is the first time I have had an issue in 7 years of using Woot!

You were surprised that your drills were protected by the hard plastic case or that your house burned down?

I placed an order that seem to have gone through and it showed up on things you perched. After 15 days it was still showing not ship yet. I emailed them and got case confirmation. Did not hear anything for 5 days. Emailed them again this time they got back with me and said the product had been oversold.

Sold Out.

I guess my strategy of hemming and hawing and procrastinating about buying this wasn’t a good one.

Just received my order. An absolutely hor$e $hit job packing for shipment. Literally thrown in the box with a few “air baggies”. They seem to have made it OK but Woot should contact the Vendor.

Eesh, thanks for the feedback though!

I second this comment. I received mine today and it was just thrown in the box. Very disappointing packaging. Just because its refurbished, doesn’t mean its not worth packaging properly. The way it was labeled seems to imply it was packed by dewalt and then shipped by woot (without putting in a secondary box).