DEWALT Impact Ready Right Angle Attachment

DEWALT Impact Ready Right Angle Attachment

One if these can be very helpful in tight spaces. I used one for a metal cabinet and the a philips bit became a drill to get me through

20% off sounds good, but it’s not even enough to cover the $6 shipping vs a local big box (which I can pick up right now), so it’s still overall cheaper literally anywhere else.

come on woot, you can do better than that

You can’t compare shipping to driving to a store. It’s shipping vs. shipping. Also, if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.

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I find the logic you follow as, well I don’t think there is any form of logic you can follow to get there. It’s “literally” not cheaper even before you have to count in cost of fuel to go pick the item up. Whether it’s your fuel or public transportation, either way there’s a cost involved. And like ThunderThighs mentioned if you have prime shipping is free.

You do know what the word “literally” means?