DEWALT Impact Ready Screwdriving Set, 28 Piece

DEWALT Impact Ready Screwdriving Set, 28 Piece
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I have been accused of being a DeWalt fanboy in the past. I have found that, overall, I can’t beat the quality of their tools. Their screwdriving bits are no exception.

When I build theatrical sets, I tend to go through screw driving bits very quickly (we drive as many screws as we can as fast as we can). A lot of these screws are old and can destroy the bits faster than they actually get driven in. Lesser bits (think the hardware store’s home brand) don’t hold up very long, but I would say (complete anecdotal evidence ahead), that I replace the dewalt bits about half as often as I replace cheaper bits. Completely worth it.

For ten bucks less than the local HW store sells the same kit and 4 bucks less than the mothership…
I’m in for at least one

These are okay. There are not any new features and you can get similar sets for cheaper that last the same amount of time. Harbor Freight for one.

Experience leads me to recommend never purchasing any form of hand tool, wrench, bit, driver, or fastener from harbor freight. I have however walked away with some excellent deals on power tools, air tools, etc.

Between my dad and I, we have probably 4 or 5 of these sets.

They’re immensely handy, the drivers don’t seem to strip or wear, and it’s the typical good Dewalt quality. I don’t have any Dewalt power tools, but almost all the drivers I have are made by them.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase, in my opinion.

I can’t tell, does the kit include a bit for a normal drill to be able to use the sockets?

“Magnetic tip holder and various double and single sided tips”
if pictures are to be believed, this is false, no double sided tips.
however, still good deal. got one.

Looks like there is a 3/8 adapter there that the sockets should work with. Bottom left, second in… may be a 1/4 but either way it should work with the included sockets.

Wow! This is a super deal with free shipping!

According to Grainger’s site (DEWALT’s wasn’t helpful at all), this set has a 1/4" shank size and comes with the following: (1) 1", Bits: PH1, PH2, PH3, SL6, SL8, SQ1, SQ2, SQ3 2", Powerbits: (2) PH2, SL8, (2) SQ2 3-1/2", Bits: PH2 Double Ended Bits: (8) PH2 Nutdrivers: 1/4", 5/16", Socket Adapter: 1/4", to 3/8", Sockets: 3/8", 1/2" Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

Enlarged picture of the set is available on Grainger’s site (for reference purposes):