DeWALT Lithium Ion Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

DeWALT Lithium Ion Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

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What an awesome set. I have owned these 2 for 5 years and they work awesome. Batteries still last as long as the day I bought it. Highly recommend!

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The pros typically own these for a reason.

I am tempted to buy this just for the 2 extra batteries. $120 is about what you pay for 2 DeWalt Li-Ion 20V batteries. So with this deal you get a spare drill and driver + charger for free :wink:

I’m with ya on this one. This is a steal of a deal!!!

If you’re buying it for the batteries be aware these are the 1.5Ah 20V battery’s

$158.78 on the Mothership.

Mothership also lists battery at 1.3Ah, not 1.5Ah like the description here provides - but they’re the same model number. I’d lean towards 1.3Ah since it’s what Amazon, Home Depot, and DeWalt’s websites all list.

If you’re looking for batteries you can get a 5ah for $60 on the mothership.

Dewalt 20V XR 5ah Battery

While deWalt make some good products, they’ve always had their pro line and their “homeowner” line. It’s not always apparent which is which, but in the past the cheaper drill had two speeds, while the better ones had three. Aside from that, the housings seemed built to a higher standard and the motors may have been better in the pro line.

Then we have the brushed vs. brushless motor thing. These are not brushless, near as I can tell, so they’re older/less efficient technology.

That said, I used deWalt drills as a pro since the corded days, putting many hard miles on them. I’ve never really seen one wear out. Folks replace them when the housings get too beat up or the batteries become cost-prohibitive. I’m keeping 12v and a 14.4v units alive with third-party NiCad batteries, and they still do the job just fine.

Just be aware of what this is and what it isn’t.

Lowe’s has the same set on sale for $99 last month.

The 20V DeWalt power tools are amazing.
I have half a dozen of their different 20V tools including these, and have used them a lot since they first came out years ago.
If you’re serious about your tools, these are a great cordless choice.

anybody there I was buying this tool but the web side was down and I didn’t buy it. soo I have to way until be again on special .

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