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Porter-Cable and Dewalt Nailers - Your Choice
Price: $44.99
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obligatory suggestive comment:

“nailer?? i don’t even know her!”

Let’s learn all about the warranty


Let’s check out the product page for the D51236K9(N005959) and the NS100B(N079129)

Guaranteed Tough

Is it a knock off? Dewalt is backwards. Maybe like that Romex watch some guy on the corner tried to sell me.

I’m certain they’re authentic, but I’m pinging the buyer to confirm.

It seems to be alright on the other side. Maybe a misprint is why it is discounted. Though I can’t seem to find this model number anywhere on the internet…

Edit: Here is their site page of brad nailers, with this being the most similar one to what is listed here. It does look like at least the stickers on the product are different between these two, but there isn’t a good enough shot of the back side to tell if the upsidedown logo is intentional or not.

Noah the buyer here. It’s a real, honest to goodness DEWALT. We promise.

That said, don’t knock Romex. They make some great whatches.

Sooner or later someone will figure out it is a poor photoshop flip pic to make it look better with the stapler. Next time you may want to put the flip in the background rather than the foreground. Or maybe not flip the pic.:wink:

If you’re thinking of buying the nailer to do trim, think again. 1 1/4 inch brads are way too short for most trim jobs. This nailer is going to be of limited use, which is why you don’t see it sold anywhere else.

Sometimes those are the best ones.

Stapler?? I don’t even know her! Wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense…

Thank you for that helpful advice. I was about to pull the trigger to get it for a future crown molding project. I would have been quite disappointed.

I particularly like the backwards logos on the nailer.

The maximum 1.25" nail size isn’t going to be for hanging drywall or installing roofing shingles. This is mainly for light duty work.

Don’t even think of using it to dispatch zombies, the only way it would be effective is directly into the brain stem and you’d have to get too close to be safe.

Who’s moderating today? Martha Stewart? I’ve seen way worse comments go un-probated than the one above from pukeboy… silliness abounds!

EDIT: Now that’s funny - pukeboy gets both a Quality Post AND Probation in one single post! Has that ever happened before?

I have to disagree. I used a 1 1/4" nailer for all the baseboards, 1/4 round, and door trim in my house. Has been holding nicely for several years. Probably not bulky enough to do crown molding, but certainly sufficient for baseboards and such.

I know this might seem obvious to some of you, but others might need to be aware that these are powered pneumatically, which means you’ll need an air compressor to operate them. I can see someone getting one of these and then looking for the power cord…