DeWALT ToughSystem 2-Tool Combo Kit with Tool Box

DeWALT ToughSystem 2-Tool Combo Kit with Tool Box

Got this on Woot 2 months ago. That deal included an LED flashlight and was $20 more than this offer.
The tools work well, as expected.
The box is very well made and even has 4 handles (front, top and both sides).
Battery run time is weak at only 1.3Ah, though fine for light or occasional use.
A 5Ah battery can be had for $70 or 4Ah for $53 at the mother ship, and the charger included in this deal will charge them.

I wish WOOT would come up with some deals on the batteries - either additional ones like these or some of the longer life / higher Ah ones. I’ve got mostly DeWalt tools now due to the deals here but as the first commenter said, the batteries that come with these don’t have much run time. Higher Ah batt’s and maybe the higher current rapid charger…?

These don’t appear to be the brushless versions, so less power and shorter run time. Of course, those would probably cost more. Woot has had battery sets on sale before.

I don’t own a drill, but would like one for small projects around the house. I’m a female so not looking for anything too heavy or difficult to use. Do you think this set would be a good fit for me?

I’d think it would be over kill, but I guess it depends what you mean by “small projects” I have a similar model and made a roof cover for my deck, re did the drywall in my master bedroom, and framed a wall with a set like this. (But if you mean hanging pictures, putting together store bought furniture, I’d spend less and get something with drill bits and nut drivers or buy them separately)

Also, these do go on sale quite a bit, this was a set from 4 days ago, sold out by now though. (Which sucks, same price but a 4 piece set with 2ah batteries):

Think I am going to try holding out for black friday!

I own this set and use it frequently. Its been a great set with plenty of power. I’ve also used the brushless models and are they are more powerful but I’m not sure how helpful that extra power is.

They are pretty light, my wife has no problem using mine.

My dad got me this set after I finally killed my Black & Decker drill. For the cost, I’m not sure it’s much better than my 20v B&D. I used the B&D for years. Built fences, a deck, a shed, used hole saws, spade bits, mixed stuff, etc until the motor finally burned up. I definitely got my ~$70 worth out of it.
The Dewalt is fine. I think it has more torque/power (enough to yank out of your hands if you lock the bit up somehow) but as others have said they skimped on the batteries to get the cost down. The B&D also had a bit holder, which Dewalt does not. I’m constantly swapping back and forth from torx to philips so I liked having both on the drill. Now I have to keep a bit set with me.
I haven’t had a reason to use the impact driver yet, but I assume it has the same pros/cons (powerful yet short battery life and no bit holder).
I just noticed this comes with a hard case. Mine came with a bag, hmm.

$162.49 with free shipping on the Mothership. Only difference I can see is that instead of a hard case it comes in a carry bag (Which I prefer, anyway)