Diablita Red/Zinfandel (6)

Diablita Red/Zinfandel 6-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $144.60) 45% off List Price
2008 Diablita Zin-a Zinfandel, Sonoma County
2007 Diablita Red Cole Ranch AVA Wine
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Another one that the Austin group should be posting about.

Good lord they didn’t have to bring any wine to that gathering :slight_smile:

We were getting some looks and a couple snarky remarks from others in the restaurant about the 24 people with about 24 bottles of wine. LOL.

That seems like a perfectly reasonable 1:1 ratio.

Had the Diablita Red for Thanksgiving, very nice. I’m a sucker for all things WootZin, so this was a no-brainer.

In for one.

Maybe it was all the passing back-n-forth. Who has number 8? I haven’t seen number 8 yet. Pass number 4. I want another taste of that. What’s this one? Have I tried this one? Crap, forgot to write my notes.

I have a feeling this was at hallowoot… If I remember it was the red label, and I liked it. Decent every day drinker, and if my memory serves me right, I wrote down it reminded me of a bag of Doritos.

Good wines, and the people who produce it are good people. There’s nothing pretentious about this wine. It’s a fun wine that goes well with all sorts of grilled foods.

We did have the red blend at the hallowoot tasting. My notes said good acidity, big black cherry, blackberry; spicy nose and palate. I also remember the tannins being soft. So, it’s very approachable now.

Doritos? Really?! …Spicier nacho or ranch?

The Diablita Red is a great daily drinker and goes really well with food. We had it at the Austin gathering. It’s a nice blend with soft tannins. Very approachable and ready to drink now. On the nose, I got some ripe dark fruits and a hint of spice. On the palate, dark cherries and some pepper. My friend and I belong to the club at Everett Ridge and liked this enough that we bought more when it came up on woot the last time.

Edit: My tasting notes are not from Austin but from previous tastings. I was trying to save myself for the wines I hadn’t tried.

We tried the Diablita Red 2007 at the Austin gathering.

My notes: Nice dry red with good tannins. Flavors of blackberry and strawberry on the palate.

Wife’s notes: Fruity and earthy with a nice finish.

Both of us liked this one.

We tasted the red blend at the Chicago gathering back in October. As others have stated, it has softer tannins, nice dark fruits and is very approachable. I purchased the offering in late October and enjoyed this with everything from simple pasta dishes to pizza or just as an evening sipper. A great wine for everyday drinking.

I havent had the red but went in on the white diablita a while back. Though i did not like it at first since the blend, reisling and SB, is predominantly the former and thus a bit too sweet for my tatse, it grew on me and I have come to enjoy the remaining bottles. It is a WELL made wine and would venture to say the red and zin are as well. Everett Ridge makes great wines IMO.

The Diablita Red was my favorite blend at the Austin tasting. I don’t have my notes, but I think I gave it an 8/10. It has a great meatiness to it which I’m assuming is from the Syrah component.

If someone from the winery is on this forum, can we get more details on the exact blend on this wine?

ok, here are some of our wine geek details!
Diablita is the one. An irresistible combination of Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah–she has everything you want in one package, screw-cap and all. Gorgeous yet accessible; complex but not complicated; intense but not overpowering; stylish yet unpretentious; mature but playful. She is soft and smooth, like a caress. When she enters she glides; when she exits, she leaves a lasting impression.

Now the real nerdy stuff…

ph 3.80 TA 6.15 Alc% 14.9 to keep you warm on those cold winter nights…

Thanks for info. Are you afgiliated with winery? If so, thanks or jumping on board. So, what is the percentage per varietal in the red? Is the zin 100% ? Also, do ypu mind sharing the % of reisling/sauv blanc in the white blend? Thanks!

Yes, I do marketing for our brands. I pulled the info from our winemaker notes and tech sheets. I am sure our winemaker has the specific %'s but we do not concentrate on that when we make our blends. We blend to taste from vintage to vintage so that there is consistency in the flavor profile. Like any significant culinary endeavor, taste is king!

The Zina is all Zin. We started in the business as farmers, grape growers. Our winemaking reflects our single vineyards and sites in specifics regions of Sonoma and our Cole Ranch AVA.

Our sites are sustainably grown sites and we use natural yeast strains whenever possible. These wines are true expressions of the various vineyard sites. Very rare at these price points.