Diamond Ridge Aspects Red Blend (3)


I say purchase the wine just to keep getting a free education on the chemistry behind winemaking!

I really like Clark’s wines, and if I didn’t, I would feel a bit compelled to ask myself - “why not” - as he has obviously very carefully considered all aspects of his wine making to produce wines that will get the most out of the terroir and will age as well as possible considering the varietal.

Between Clark and Peter and Scott, we are truly fortunate to have such expert craftsmen (craftspeople?) share their decades of knowledge with us so willingly. Where else can you get this level of education from experts in their field?

Anyway, hats off and many thanks Clark for your participation - I am certainly in for three.

Did you go in for 3? I’d take a set from you.

Oh yes…SoCal folks (Fred, looking at you here…) next Saturday the 20th we’re gathering at my place in West LA for some wine and fun times - also to welcome dsapp to the neighbourhood! Check that getherings thread.

Sure. First of all, the notion of “noble” varieties has always struck me as racist nonsense. Any grape will behave ignobly if planted in the wrong place. There is nothing noble about Cabernet Sauvignon from most places in France, and the same goes for the vast majority of Italian Nebbiolo.

Petite Sirah (originally Duriff) is certainly ill-suited to its original provenance, where its thin skin and tight cluster commonly provoke bunch rot in the humid conditions of its native Rhone Valley, thus introducing contagion into fermentations which stick and go to vinegar, a condition known as vin piqué. It needs dry air and lots of UV radiation, which we have at DRV in spades.

As those of you who took advantage of our sale on the DRV 2010 PS last month can attest, we end up with incredible color and richness, and our lake effect also retains intense blueberry and lavender aromatics. PS does so well here that sometimes we feel we should just tear out the whole vineyard and replant the whole thing to PS.

Jake’s assignment to me was to make a wine that showcased all aspects of our vineyard palate. In all fairness, this massive wine does have a tendency to dominate blends, and it was a bit of a challenge to find the right combination of Cabernet Sauvignon clones and the right percentages of Cab Franc and Merlot to balance its mere 14%. But at that small percentage, it also played a structural role similar to Petite Verdot. While I realize that this departure disqualifies us from Meritage status, you’ll find the result classically elegant as any Bdx-style blend should be.

No, I fear the fault is mine. I didn’t specify. Too much thinking like a winemaker instead of a consumer.

Thanks for the response, Clark. The Diamond Ridge PS is a favorite in our family (we went for eight bottles when it was offered a couple of weeks ago). We went for another couple of orders on this offer; I’m excited to try it.

If it doesn’t work out with RJ, I’ll take a bottle off of you if you need to order.

you and Klez check email.

In for 3! First woot in quite a while, but impossible to pass up this offer from Clark. Can’t say enough about his wines. Really enjoy the style and he is a great guy. Hope everyone gets a chance to share an evening with him some time.

I’m chalking this one up to an early birthday present for myself. Could also be a housewarming gift to myself as well.

I just came back from 4 days in Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I spent far too much on food and wine there, because it is impossible not to. Then I see this wine for sale and I hemmed and hawed all day but of course I gave in and ordered it because, well because it sounded too good to pass up. Sigh.

Yeah, it sort of works like that, doesn’t it…

I am so torn between this offering and the one tomorrow from Clark Smith. Unfortunately I can only order one :(.

Been lurking here all day trying to convince myself I really did not need this wine.

Darn you Clark. Thanks for the lessions.

In for 2.


But I rationalized my Woot purchase by convincing myself that I saved money by only ordering a mere $70.00 chardonnay to go with the 24 oyster selection instead of the $2,300 bottle of Chateau Petrus (of course who would drink a Bordeaux with oysters anyway). And yes, it looks just like the picture when they bring it to the table. If you are ever in Paris and love seafood, I highly recommend this place even if it is a bit pricey.

drool… but E99? ouch…

You sold me with Nick Drake!!!
I stumbled upon Nick Drake - Way To Blue - An Introduction To Nick Drake, at a listening station in a CD Store on Newbury Street in Boston several years ago. “Cello Song”, “Way to Blue”, “Poor Boy”, “Black Eyed Dog”, and more. Nick was truly one of the most gifted and unique artists I’ve ever listened to. Any wine that goes with his music is a “Must Buy!”.

In for 2.

Last Wooter to Woot:

I am in the same predicament… I want both offers… but am not able to get both…hmmmmm… decisions, decisions…
Thanks Clark, for making such great wines that it is hard for me to decide!! :slight_smile:

Rumor has it that karma is your’s if you help me make my decision.