Diamond Weather Station

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Diamond Weather Station
$58.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Another map piece huh?

I clicked TREASURE but nothing happened. I suck at thinking!

Does this make TWO for new puzzle?

i have two so far.

2 it is!!!

I thought that last picture looked out of place… . Happy hunting woooters. This weather station looks cool.

No. There was 1 last night. This makes 3.

I’m tempted to buy anything that auto toggles, but I’m going to pass on this because I already have a weather station.

These have been offered a bunch of times. Anybody have one? They look cool, but are they any good?

I feel so lost. Where is the puzzle piece? What am I doing here. Do I got to buy the weather thing?

There’s a theme to the items that include map pieces. Not too hard to figure out…

…I can’t find the map piece…but I see TREASURE :frowning:

Look at the pictures you goof off.

Thanks mother fucker!

For map hunters: there are three pieces so far.

The easiest/quickest way I’ve found to piece them together is to copy and paste each piece into a PowerPoint slide. Use the pictures toolbar to set the white background of each puzzle piece to transparent. Then just nudge each piece into place.

I have 4 if I go back to 12:00am EST… is this in EST, PST, Mountain, etc?

I only have this one piece… can you tell me the others please? :slight_smile:

Hey, mods! Did you learn from how p!$$ed off everyone got last night? Are you going to turn the page with the BOC live before you post the last piece of the puzzle? Or are you at least going to make it more difficult for the hackers…maybe another \ in the url that you’re posting…or perhaps put a password on the last piece…ANYTHING!!!

Please don’t do EXACTLY the same thing you did yesterday. This is a great idea, and a great way to maintain interest in the woot-off. But it will ONLY work if you keep it FAIR. Allowing people to use a brute force script is NOT fair…