Diamondback 27.5" Sorrento Mountain Bike

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Diamondback 27.5" Sorrento Mountain Bike
Price: $234.99
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Product Page

If I wanted to buy this bike for a commuter, are there fenders available for it?

Why would you buy a mountain bike with front suspension to use as a commuter bike?

This is nothing more than an overpriced walmart bike

If you are going to buy a horrible cheap bike…buy a cheap bike. Don’t buy a cheap bike that costs a little more because you feel it might be better. All bikes in this category are the same… just buy the cheapest one if this is the kind of bike you are shopping for. Any extra money you spend in this category is just more money down the toilet.

7 spd rear? I thought they stopped making 7 speed stuff years ago.

And the front suspension is nothing more than a pogo stick with rubber “elastomers”, they couldn’t even spring for a spring.

Hope you like bobbing up and down as you pedal

This bike will come apart in the following steps.

  1. The brakes and front deraileur will never function properly no matter how much you adjust them. Also the rim braking surface is painted and not machined which means the brakes will constantly sequel.

  2. The bottom bracket bearings will loosen after about 30 days, eventually causing the chain rings to wobble side to side so much that the chain keeps derailing. You will try to have it replaced, but the shop you take it to will tell you they can’t get the old bottom bracket out because they installed it while the paint was still wet and it’s glued in there.

  3. After 40 days the hub bearings will be so far out of adjustment that the bike will shudder as you ride it. If you try to tighten them you will notice that the bearing race has become “indexed” and you will have to run them loose just to keep the bearings from locking up.

  4. The generic tire will blow off the rim when you reinflate it to 60psi because the shoddy bead wont hold inside the rim.

  5. The plastic bushings inside the fork will be worn and the fork will have an extreme amount of slop in it.

… I forgot to mention the left crank arm falling off. This will happen right about the same time the bottom bracket comes apart.

Why wouldn’t I?

I gave up trying to give bike advice on woot years ago. It really is a waste of time… These things might even sell out!

Thanks for the effort.

Of course I am not giving advice about this bike.

But you do understand that this is marked as a “mountain” bike and NOT a “commuter” bike thus it will not have fender mounts. You can find clip on, or other kind of fenders but you will have to be sure they will fit.

I havent priced things like this but would guess for the front & back full fenders you would be lucky to get them for a quarter of the price of the bike!

Well, are there “good” bikes in the same price range?

7sp freewheel on 135mm rear spacing? No, no, and hell no. The axle will bend.

However, this is more common than not to see 3x7 config with the same shifters, FD, and RD-- as with Raleigh Talus.

So, I’m backing off my harsh words of “no redeemable qualities”. Its extremely entry level, but serviceable in that to go to 8sp, you’re spending 600 on a Cannondale Trail 7, and getting pretty much the same drivetrain, but with disc brakes. Heck, they probably roll off the same assembly line.

This bike is serviceable for going to and from school and occasionally riding over your lawn. If you want “good” for a mountain bike that will actually survive a few trails, the starting price is going to be $800-1,500 dollars.

A great bike can cost as much as a small car, or about $8,500 and up.

One serious ride on a real mountain bike trail with this POS will be about as long as it lasts.

Thanks for the info. Was considering this, but will definitely pass and look for a better bike!

There ain’t no free lunch. You get what you pay for. Get the right tool for the job.

Do you see a pattern here?

Well…if you’re looking for a bike to take the occasional mellow ride around the neighborhood with the kids, this will probably work just fine. Think of this bike like a cheap pair of sneakers, which are just fine for a walk around the block.

Do you have a link to any bike reviews or pages to recommend bikes? I’m thinking about getting a trail bike, not a heavy-duty mountain bike. Not going off-trail but riding on gravel and pavement, for exercise, not adventure. This is a very helpful thread, although it’s not going to help Amazon dump these bikes.

Aw geez, why do people have to dogpile on a decent, inexpensive bike?

I have owned a few bikes in this price and quality range and they can be perfectly adequate for streets and trails. A mountain-style bike can be more comfortable and more rugged than a road bike and if you have potholes and pavement ledges on your commute that ruggedness is really handy. Plus you can use the same bike on miles and miles of dirt or gravel paths recreationally, more easily than you could on a more street-focused bike.

The front fork is nice to have if you have to deal with some rougher gravel paths, but generally on the street it’s overkill. It’ll pogo a bit, but not a big deal. I have a comfort bike with a suspension fork and while I’d just as soon it not have it, it’s not a big distraction.

7 speeds in the back are plenty and I doubt the axle will bend in normal usage.

The somewhat knobby tires might wear fast on the street but you can get more street-oriented tires installed when needed.

Mounting fenders is easy and cheap, you might have to trim the plastic a bit for the front, which is normal. It’d cost around $50 total from a place like Performance or Amazon. People put fenders on mountain bikes all the time, for commuting or for muddy trails. My full suspension bike has fenders, I do not need a face full of mud (or horse or cow poo) when riding trails so I like having fenders. You’d need the off-road sorta dirt-bike looking front fender and probably something similar out back. If you need full coverage fenders this is not the bike for you.

This is way better than a $100 Walmart bike and while there might be a few disappointments you really need to get out and ride to see what is important to you and what you need, and unless it’s already clear you need a comfort bike or some other specialty this’d probably be a good start.

Yes there are better bikes, yes they cost more. Do you need to spend 3x as much? I think if you did, you would know. And if you spent $750 you’d still end up fixing and changing a few things.

If you live somewhere where there are goat-head thorns (puncturevine), you should get super heavy duty tubes and thorn protectors. Yes, they weigh more. No, I don’t care. I am not crazy about Slime tubes, they might work for you, I dunno, but I know I like the super-thick tubes that come in boxes 3x the size of the cheap ones.


I understand this is a walmart-quality bike, but why is woot posting it with walmart sizing as well? It should list the size of the frame (meaningful!) rather than the size of the tire (meaningless!) so that people know if it would actually be ridable for them.

Woot, you’re better than this.

Frame size is on left when you select which you would like to purchase. Also frame size is in the description now, not sure if they edited that or not.